The huge tradition the Queen is breaking to ‘spare embarrassment’ for Prince Harry at Prince Philip’s funeral

The tradition has been going for many years
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  • The huge tradition the Queen is breaking to 'spare embarrassment' for Prince Harry at his grandfather Prince Philip's funeral has been revealed.

    Members of the royal family will break a huge tradition at Prince Philip’s funeral by not wearing military uniforms – a decision taken by the Queen which is thought to ‘spare embarrassment’ for Prince Harry.

    The Duke of Sussex, who served a decade in the army, was stripped of his royal title when he moved to LA and as he and his wife Meghan Markle stepped back from being senior working members of the royal family, and is therefore not entitled to wear a military uniform.

    Prince Philip passed away on 9th April and to the upcoming funeral service, to be attended by 30 guests, Prince Harry reportedly wanted to wear the Blues and Royals dress uniform he wore on his wedding day in May 2018. But as a former captain with the Household Cavalry, however, he is entitled only to wear a suit, with any medals he has been awarded in the course of his duties or by the Queen.

    Prince Harry and Prince William

    Meanwhile, the Prince of Wales, Duke of Cambridge, Earl of Wessex and Princess Royal would have been, by convention for a royal ceremonial funeral, in full military uniform.

    It’s understood that Prince Andrew also requested to wear an Admiral’s uniform after he put on hold a promotion from vice-admiral to clear name in the wake of the Jeffrey Epstein scandal. And while Andrew has not been stripped of his honorary military titles and remains a vice-admiral in the Royal Navy, the Royal Household was reportedly concerned that if Andrew were denied his request to go in uniform, he and Harry would be the only ones in civilian dress who had seen active service in the military.

    A source told the Daily Mail, ‘There was the risk of real embarrassment.’

    But to avoid Harry, 36, the embarrassment of being the only royal in a suit at his grandfather’s funeral, the Queen is understood to have requested that none of the royal family wear their military uniforms, breaking the historical tradition.

    Members Of The Royal Family Follow The Coffin Of The Queen Mother On The Mall As It Is Taken To Westminster Hall Where It Will Lie In State. Including L To R Prince Phillip, Duke Of Gloucester, Prince Harry, Prince Michael Of Kent And In Front Of Him, Princess Anne.

    Instead, all members of the royal family will dress the same – morning coats and black ties for the men, simple black outfits for the women – to the service held at Windsor Castle on Saturday, 17th April.

    According to the Daily Mail, in an unprecedented about-turn, a last-minute decision, approved by the Queen, who will sit alone at the funeral, has been made that no royals will wear military uniforms in order to present a united family front.

    It is believed to be only the second time in more than a century that members of the Royal Family have not worn uniform to the funeral of a monarch or their spouse.

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