Why the Queen should think twice before stripping Prince Harry of his military titles

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He may have stepped back as a senior royal, but royal expert and biographer, Duncan Larcombe, has warned there is "a real danger" in stripping Prince Harry of his military titles. 

  • In February, the 'Megxit' deal will be up for review and the Queen will decide how much of a part Prince Harry and Meghan Markle play in the royal family going forwards
  • Duncan Larcombe has argued that to strip ex-soldier Harry of his military titles would mean the Queen will 'lose an enormous asset'
  • It follows royal news that the birth of Princess Eugenie's baby will be tinged with sadness for the Queen 

The Queen will soon be forced to review the deal that was made last year to allow the Duke and Duchess of Sussex to step down as senior royals and start a new life in America.

With it coming up to a year since "Megxit," there are rumours that Her Majesty could strip Prince Harry and Meghan Markle of their HRH titles.

But, according to royal expert and biographer, Duncan Larcombe, there is a bigger danger at play here. And that would be if the Queen decides to strip ex-soldier Harry of his military titles, and therefore force him out of the huge role he currently plays within the Armed Forces.

Writing in his column for Woman magazine, Duncan says the Duke was "incensed" when Prince Harry's request to lay a wreath was refused by Buckingham Palace. Days later, in a bold move he and Meghan decided to lay their own wreath in America.

According to Duncan it was decided by the Palace that Harry's partaking in such a big event would seem as though he were "cherry picking" the royal engagements he wanted to join, having made the decision to step back just months before.

Prince Harry Meghan Markle

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle moved to America

Duncan explains,"It was decided that one prominent ex-soldier’s homage to those who never made it home would look as though Harry was cherry-picking the causes he was allowed to support. The Sussexes must not, they felt, be allowed to ‘dip in and out’ of engagements when it suited. Harry was, understandably, incensed."

With that in mind, Duncan has warned the Queen must think twice before removing Harry's involvement in the military going forwards. After all, having served as part of the Armed Forces, he is one of few who truly understands what they're going through.

"This February, the ‘Megxit’ deal will be up for review. The Queen will have to decide what her grandson can and can’t do. One thing we do know is that Harry and Meghan will not return to Britain with their tails between their legs. So it seems likely the Queen will press ahead and strip her grandson of all the ceremonial ties he has with the military," Duncan says.

Duncan Larcombe appears on Good Morning America

Duncan Larcombe warns there is a danger of stripping Harry of his titles

"But there is a real danger at play here. By insisting Harry severs official links with the military, the royals will simply throw the baby out with the bathwater.

"Harry understands the military. The military adores Harry. He has earned the right to consider himself one of their own. Yes, fears of ‘cherry-picking’ are real, but so is Harry’s deep connection with, and adoration for, the Armed Forces. By blocking him from a royal/military function, the Queen will lose an enormous asset – a royal who can look servicemen in the eye.

"Harry should be allowed to wear his poppy. That’s what the forces want, it’s what Harry wants and, ultimately, it is what is best for the Royal Family."

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