The seriously impressive toy the Queen has passed down to Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis

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The Queen has passed down a very impressive toy to the Cambridge kids.

The Queen’s great-grandchildren Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis all love playing in her adorable life-sized playhouse when they visit.

The incredible toy is fitted with running water and even a full sized kitchen - so it's no wonder Prince William and Kate Middleton's little ones adore it.

And if that isn’t cute enough, this luxury playhouse was personally gifted to Queen Elizabeth II almost 90 years ago. 

The playhouse has reportedly become a favourite of young royals throughout the generations. The Queen, her children, grandchildren and now young great-grandchildren have all enjoyed playing in the miniature house. 

What makes the Queen’s playhouse so special?

Not only is the playhouse life-sized, but it’s also just as well-equipped as a regular home. Fitted with running water and electricity, the house has a fully-functioning kitchen and bathroom. A living room and bedroom are also comfortable additions to this extraordinary playhouse.

The Queen was just 6 years old when the people of Wales gifted the future monarch this wonderful life-sized playhouse in 1932. 

Protocol usually dictates that the Royal Family cannot accept gifts from the public due to security concerns. But an exception was made as the Queen was given the playhouse as a personal gift rather than as a gift for the Royal Collection Trust. 

Queen's playhouse

Back then, the Queen was living with her sister Princess Margaret at the Royal Lodge in Windsor. It was here that the two royal sisters made many happy memories playing in the stylish playhouse. The princesses were pictured playing in and around the house on many occasions. 

Photographs showcased its white frames and beautifully coordinated door and traditional thatched roof. In the pictures, the playhouse is surrounded by a brick wall and leads up onto an immaculate garden. 

Our 94-year-old Queen has held on to this very special gift ever since her childhood. According to Hello!, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’s children George, Charlotte and Louis are all known to play in and around the house. 

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The Queen’s granddaughter Princess Beatrice has also recently told Andrew Marr of her experience playing in the home as a child. On the documentary ‘The Diamond Queen’, she said: “Granny and her sister played here growing up and we've been lucky enough to play here with cousins and second cousins.” 

The Princess went on to add that the playhouse is “the most glamorous wendy house ever”.

The playhouse has now been completely renovated, a process Princess Beatrice was heavily involved in back in 2012 and which took a year to complete.  

Princess Beatrice, royal playhouse

And whilst the monarch herself may no longer be joining in the fun, Beatrice explained that it still holds a special place in her grandmother’s heart. She spoke of how: "She still likes to come back and visit,” all these years later. 

Beatrice added, "I've been lucky enough to play here” and also shared her excitement that “now the great-grandchildren can enjoy it too."

Ultimately, as Princess Beatrice says, experiencing the luxury playhouse is "a big family treat".

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