The Queen's big perk of having the Covid vaccine

The Queen and Prince Philip
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The Queen and her husband Prince Philip were given their Covid-19 vaccine last weekend.

Of course, having the coronavirus vaccine is vital for Her Majesty, 94, and the Duke of Edinburgh, 99, not only because of their age but because the Queen has been prevented from fulfilling her royal duties because of the pandemic.

And one big perk that comes from the monarch being vaccinated against Covid is that she is able to move back home.

The Queen and Prince Philip have spent the majority of the health crisis at their Balmoral Estate and  Windsor Castle where they have been looked after by a small bubble of staff.

However, since having the jab it's been reported that Her Majesty will be able to return to her main residence - Buckingham Palace.

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With a large number of staff needed at Buckingham Palace the risk of the senior royals being exposed to the virus was higher than at their retreats outside of London.

Back in 2020 it was reported that the Queen would not move back to the palace until it was deemed safe for her to do so and it seems that time is going to be soon, thanks to the vaccine.

According to The Sunday Times, the Queen and the Duke plan to move back to Buckingham Palace ahead of Trooping the Colour in June in honour of the Queen's 95th birthday.

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While the Trooping the Colour event as we know it had to be cancelled last year, the Queen has high hopes that it can go ahead in 2021, even if it has to comply with Covid regulations at the time.

"The current plan is for the Queen's birthday parade to go ahead in London as normal, with the acceptance that it may need to be adapted or scaled back depending on what guidelines are in force at the time. But the aspiration and the ultimate desire is to make it happen," a royal aide reportedly revealed.

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We also hope that the coronavirus vaccine will mean Her Majesty can continue to make public appearances and spend time with royal relatives as she used to.

She adapted in the same way all Brits had to last year, learning to conduct engagements on Zoom and cancelling her annual Christmas plans.

Instead of her usual festive get together at Sandringham with the royal family, the Queen and Philip are said to have enjoyed a quiet Christmas at Windsor Castle.

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