Why the Queen Mother left Prince Harry more money than Prince William in her will

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  • The Queen Mother left money to all her great-grandchildren with the understanding that Prince Harry would get more than William

    The Queen Mother left £14 million in a trust fund to her great-grandchildren in her will to help support them, but with the understanding that Harry would receive more than his brother Prince William.

    The difference in inheritance is due to the line of succession, when the Queen dies or steps down, Prince Charles will become King and Prince William will become the new Prince of Wales. 

    Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex and Prince William, Duke of Cambridge watch a flypast to mark the centenary of the Royal Air Force from the balcony of Buckingham Palace

    Becoming the Prince of Wales means Prince William will take on the Duchy of Cornwall which is a private estate that funds ‘the public, charitable and private activities of the heir to the throne,’ according to the Mirror.

    Prince Harry will not receive a Duchy of this kind as he is not next in line, therefore the Queen Mother wanted to leave him more to live on than his brother. 

    The Queen Mother passed away 19 years ago in 2002 at the age of 101. Her estate was valued between £50 to £70 million and was passed onto her daughter Queen Elizabeth. Many pieces from her own private art collection were given to the royal family and displayed at Buckingham Palace.

    The Queen Mother, Diana, Princess of Wales, Trooping the Colour, 13th June 1992

    Princess Diana also left a large amount of money to her sons in her will. Harry recently revealed in his bombshell interview with Oprah Winfrey that the inheritance has helped him support his family in the US.  

    It is reported that Princess Diana left around £8 million but thanks to investments by the royals that amount has grown to £20 million. Speaking on the money Harry told Oprah, ‘It’s like she saw it coming and she’s been with us through this whole process.’

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