The Queen warned to 'pace herself' as she's forced to give up favourite daily pastime

The Queen, The Queen warned to 'pace herself'
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The Queen is warned to 'pace herself' in order to attend Prince Philip's memorial as it's claimed she's so 'frail' that she hasn't walked her beloved Corgi's in six months.

The Queen (opens in new tab) has been warned to 'pace herself' if she wants to attend Prince Philip's memorial service on 29th March.

Her majesty, who has been pictured using a walking stick (opens in new tab) over the last six months to help her get out and about, admitted last month that she "can't move" during a face-to-face engagement at Windsor Castle as Rear Admiral James Macleod was received by The Queen upon relinquishing his appointment as Defence Services Secretary.

Last week, the Queen who turns 96 next month, was seen in person for the first time (opens in new tab) since contracting covid, but she has been forced to pull out of the Commonwealth Day Service at Westminster Abbey today (March 14th) with Prince Charles taking over her duties.

A Buckingham Palace spokesman said, “The Queen has asked the Prince of Wales to represent Her Majesty at the Commonwealth service at Westminster Abbey.”

Buckingham Palace did not give a specific reason for her absence from the event but it's thought that the walk down the alter may have proven too tiring for Her Majesty.

But if Elizabeth II wishes to attend a memorial of her late husband Prince Philip (opens in new tab), which is due to be held at Westminster Abbey in two weeks' time, she has been warned to "pace herself" and her upcoming engagements are expected to be re-jigged as a result.

An insider told The Sun, “You can’t say she will definitely be at the service but there’s an element of pacing herself to make it happen.”

She is hoping to be able to attend the event with her walking stick and has ruled out using a wheelchair.

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It comes as its reported that the Queen is unable to carry out one of her favourite daily pastimes, walking her beloved Corgis (opens in new tab) as, her frailty has meant she has been unable to take them out at Windsor Castle for six months and its feared she may never walk them again.

Aides now take her two corgis and dorgi for daily walks. A source said, “She is not well enough. The Queen usually turns to her beloved corgis in time of crisis and stress and took them out almost every day after Philip fell ill and then died last year.

"They are an enormous source of solace, so it is a real shame.”

The Queen recently met with the Prime Minister of Canada following her Covid-19 recovery.

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The Queen was forced to give up horse riding last year following her health scare and has also given up alcohol.