The Queen sparks health fears after a recent outing with Princess Anne

The Queen
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The Queen has sparked health fears among fans after a recent outing with Princess Anne.

The Queen has sparked health fears after she was spotted using a walking stick during a recent outing with Princess Anne.

Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II (opens in new tab) was joined by her daughter Princess Anne, Princess Royal to attend a service of Thanksgiving to mark the centenary of The Royal British Legion at Westminster Abbey in London.

It comes almost a week after the Queen was praised for looking beautiful (opens in new tab) during her first official engagement back at Windsor Castle as she shows no sign of wanting to retire (opens in new tab) even though Prince Charles is next in line to the throne in the royal succession (opens in new tab).

Dressed in a vibrant royal blue jacket and hat combo, the Queen, 95, climbed out of her royal ride and used a walking stick to help her over the cobbles in the churchyard outside.

The Queen

But as she walked with the stick fans feared that the walking aid which appeared to be dragging behind her was set too high for the Queen.

ITV Royal News editor Chris Ship tweeted, 'The Queen arrived with her daughter Princess Anne for the service in honour of the Royal British Legion. The walking stick has not been seen before - except after knee surgery nearly 20 years ago.'

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And fans started sharing their concerns as the Queen sparked health fears.

One fan tweeted, 'It’s too long for her. I use a stick and that won’t stop a fall but might cause one.'

Ability Superstore (opens in new tab), which sells walking aids and shows you how to measure the correct height, advises on its website that 'a stick that is too long will force the shoulder unnaturally high. A stick that is too short will force the user to stoop.'

The Queen, The Queen sparked health fears

Another fan put, 'She starting to look stressed and I am not surprised with what Harry and Megan put her through not seeing her granddaughter.'

And a third fan added, 'The Queen has a walking stick now. I'm a bit taken aback as I associate those with her mother.'

Although the Queen sparked health fears, another fan praised her for the move, 'Thank heavens she does use one now, always worried me to see her without assistance especially on stairs.'

And another person suggested, 'She may have been advised after being told about the cobbles.'

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Whatever the reason for the Queen using the walking aid, she looked relaxed and ready to take part in the official engagement.