The Queen’s favourite household chore has been revealed

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  • A royal butler has revealed what the Queen's favourite household chore is, and that she often likes to do it while staying at Balmoral Castle.

    The Queen is incredibly fond of Balmoral Castle, and it seems she’s quite happy to help out around the residence whenever she’s staying there. According to Paul Burrell, the monarch ‘likes’ doing certain chores alongside her staff.

    Speaking on Vicky Pattison’s The Secret podcast, Paul explained that the Queen doesn’t cook her own meals, but she’s happy to help with the washing up afterwards.

    He said, “She does like to go on picnics, but the food is all prepared. She likes to wash up. She puts on the Marigolds and when she goes out to the log cabin at Balmoral, she is stood there with her Marigolds on and she washes up and the lady-in-waiting dries.”

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    The Queen Balmoral

    Credit: Getty Images

    Paul also gave some insights into The Queen’s eating habits, especially when it comes to the biggest meal of the year. He added, “The Queen only ever eats very little portions. She doesn’t eat a Christmas dinner like we do where it is piled high and you can’t see each other across the table.

    “If you say anything about the Queen, I think the most important thing to say is she has something which the rest of them don’t – she has great self-discipline.”

    Christmas will look very different for the royal family this year, and there’s been some speculation about who the Queen will have in her royal bubble over the festive period. Usually they would spend Christmas at Sandringham, but it seems that they’ll be having a ‘quiet’ Christmas at Windsor Castle instead.