The sign Prince William is ‘always looking out’ for wife Kate Middleton – even when he’s ‘hurting’

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  • The sign Prince William is 'always looking out' for wife Kate Middleton - even when he's 'hurting' has been revealed.

    Prince William has proved he’s ‘always looking out’ for wife Kate Middleton in the sweet way he grabs hold of her clutch bag on their latest royal outing.

    Fans couldn’t help but notice the sweet gesture the Duke makes as he and his wife of 10 years prepare to leave the Heavy Sound CIC, which runs a bus outfitted with music equipment, as they paid a visit to a violence reduction unit, helping to reduce violence and knife crime across Scotland, in Prestonpans, near Edinburgh.

    The couple, who have three children – Prince George, seven, Princess Charlotte, six, and Prince Louis, three, embarked on their trip without their little ones.

    While Prince William playfully mocks his wife’s DJ skills, asking the organisers, “Please turn that off it’s hurting my ears,” he later redeems himself as a loving husband by subtly picking up Kate’s clutch bag and handing it to her so she doesn’t forget it on the way out.

    William’s swift reaction can be seen 27 seconds into the video shared below on their official Twitter.

    Prince William’s gaze is drawn to Kate’s beige clutch bag that she left on the leather sofas before she had a go at mixing her own music. And as Kate turns to say goodbye to the hosts, declaring, “Sorry for leaving, such a terrible song,” he swoops in to pick it up and pass it to his wife before they leave the room.

    He then places a loving hand on her back as he lets her take the lead out of the room.

    Kate Middleton beige clutch bag that Prince William carried

    And throughout Kate and Will’s love story, fans have picked up on his loving manner. One fan wrote, ‘Love how Prince William hands Catherine her clutch at the end there. Always looking out for her,’ and another put, ‘Btw, love how William hold Catherine’s purse while she’s DJ’ing’ and a third royal fan agreed and added, ‘I was going to say the same thing and it’s not the first time either.’

    While others are delighted with the fresh image the pair are putting across on social media, and added, ‘I see we’re bringing some humor into this page!! I LOVE IT!’

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