This young royal shares Prince Philip's 'challenging nature' and 'blossoming self-confidence'

Lady Louise Windsor has been likened to her late grandfather, Prince Philip, during her latest appearance at the Royal Windsor Horse Show. 

Lady Louise Windsor shares similar traits to her late grandfather, Prince Philip, and is "growing in confidence as a featured royal".

The 17-year-old is the oldest of Prince Edward and Sophie Wessex's children and is currently 15th in line to the British throne.

Lady Louise attended the Royal Windsor Horse Show earlier this week and paid homage to Prince Philip, after his death in April, by wearing his navy blue suit jacket.

It's the first time we've seen Lady Louise at a royal engagement, in which she has held her own ground and not blended into the background. And body language expert and psychologist Judi James, says the young royal has learned a lot from Prince Philip.

"Her very upright posture with a stretched neck and raised chin suggest blossoming self-confidence as well as the kind of challenging nature we used to see from Prince Philip, whose footsteps she is following in with her skills at carriage-driving," Judi explained.

Lady Louise W

"Louise’s body language lends more to her grandfather and even her aunt, Princess Anne."

With her mother, Sophie Wessex, settling into a more senior role within the family and expanding her patronages, Lady Louise has plenty of role models to look up to.

"Although she has clearly been mentored by her mother Sophie, Louise shows all the signs of acquiring a very unique style of charisma as she grows in confidence as a featured royal."

While she has royal connections, Judi says Lady Louise looks determined to be her own person in her own right.

"This look of growing strength underpinned by a hint of defiance, as though determined to be successful and talented in her own right as well as falling into line as a member of the next generation of the royal Firm."

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