Best vegan Easter eggs for 2022 tried and tested

We’ve put our all into finding the best vegan Easter eggs for 2022...
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  • We’ve rounded up the best vegan Easter eggs available to buy this year including eggs from Hotel Chocolat, Sainsbury’s, Waitrose, and more.

    What better way to celebrate Easter than the giving of an egg, certainly one of the most traditional Easter foods that we still embrace today. While vegan Easter eggs formerly used to mean taking your pick of the best dark chocolate eggs, now there’s a whole host of options to choose from. This collection of the best vegan Easter eggs includes a variety of dark, white, and milk chocolate eggs as well as Easter eggs for kids too. These are also some of the best Easter eggs to buy online

    In our quest to find the best vegan Easter eggs for 2022 treats from all the big chocolate makers such as Hotel Chocolat and supermarket brands such as M&S have been tried and tested by our Deputy Food Editor Rose Fooks and our Senior Food Writer Jessica Ransom. Speaking about this year’s tests, Rose said: “The vegan Easter eggs we tried this year were by far the best we’ve ever tasted. We hope you love this selection as much as we do”.

    How did we test the best vegan Easter eggs?

    To help ensure there are no biased results, all of the Easter eggs were blindly tasted without packing or brand knowledge. With their expertise in professional recipe development and food journalism, Rose and Jessica looked for elements like how sweet the eggs are and the quality of the chocolate they are made from.  Once they made notes on the taste – the most important bit – they then give feedback on a whole host of other requirements. From packaging through to texture, they’re thorough in their judging. 

    Best vegan Easter eggs

    Waitrose No.1 Dark Chocolate with Dark Chocolate Truffles Easter Egg

    1. No.1 Dark Chocolate with Dark Chocolate Truffles Easter Egg

    Winner: Best dark chocolate vegan Easter egg

    Available: On sale online and in store at Waitrose

    The egg is made from 65% chocolate from the Dominican Republic which melted really nice and slowly during our tasting rounds. The smell is delicious too and gives you a sense of what you’re about to tuck into before you’ve even got the wrapper off. For dark chocolate this isn’t too intense, so would be great for fans of a lighter finish. The shell was also well tempered which meant a satisfying crack when it was broken into. Plus, the truffles brought another element to enjoy after the main event was finished. 

    While we found no flaws with the taste of this rich Easter egg from Waitrose, we were slightly put off by the intense use of branding. The chocolate shell itself is covered in the Number 1 logo that Waitrose uses. We thought it made the eggless desirable for gifting. Putting this aside we were suitably impressed by this Waitrose offering. We named it the best dark chocolate vegan Easter egg in our 2022 taste tests. While it isn’t exactly a bargain at £10, the quality of the chocolate makes it relatively good value.


    Pump Street Oat Milk 60% Chocolate Chicken

    2. Pump Street Oat Milk 60% Chocolate Chicken 

    Winner: Best vegan Easter egg for kids

    Available: On sale online through Pump Street

    We hope you’ll forgive us a slight deviation from the classic egg shape for this sweet little chicken. Not only is it an adorable design, it also tastes completely delicious. Given the need to remove dairy from the recipe, most vegan Easter eggs are dark chocolate but this presents a gorgeous creamy ‘milk’. This makes the egg a great alternative for people who prefer something a bit lighter.

    Small enough to fit in the palm of your hand, it’s not a cheap way to enjoy an Easter treat, but the quality of the chocolate is second to none. There are rich, caramel tones and an intense creaminess. The chocolate here also has a good bite to it and isn’t too sweet. Overall we loved the playfulness of the shape and the rich milk chocolate flavour and thought this would make a lovely gift for a little one.  


    Sainsbury’s Deliciously Free From Chocolate Egg

    3. Sainsbury’s Deliciously Free From Chocolate Egg 

    Winner: Best cheap vegan Easter egg

    Available: On sale online and in store at Sainsbury’s

    Come Easter, the supermarkets pull out all the stops to impress the punters and their egg ranges always manage to exceed our expectations. Sainsbury’s is no exception and this year saw the return of a popular Easter treat: their free-from egg. Not only is this vegan it’s also gluten- and nut-free, so it’s great all round for allergy sufferers as well as plant-based eaters.

    Part of the joy in eating this is the uneven, rippled texture which helps the chocolate to melt in the mouth easily. The flavour is light and creamy thanks to the use of rice powder and cocoa butter, and it is pleasantly sweet. The shell had a satisfying snap too, and the rich chocolatey flavour developed as we tucked in, giving caramel and vanilla notes. 


    Hotel Chocolat Unbelievably Vegan Ostrich Easter Egg

    4. Hotel Chocolat Unbelievably Vegan* Ostrich Easter Egg

    Winner: Best luxury vegan Easter egg

    Available: On sale online and in store at Hotel Chocolat

    Amounting to nearly the same price as a small car, you’d really hope that this Hotel Chocolat Easter egg would deliver. We’re pleased to report that despite its hefty price tag we couldn’t help but love it. You see, for the price you get nearly two and a half kilos of incredible tasting chocolate and a whole host of intricately designed truffles and treats.

    The shell itself is wrapped in two separate halves which are stuffed with nut and cereal clusters to elevate both the taste and texture. The chocolate is a milk style, made light and creamy with the clever addition of nut milk. The whole thing is cocoa-rich and has aromatic vanilla notes too. The addition of a two-tiered box of chocolates helps to make this easy to share. This makes it ideal if you fancy getting your family one thing between them rather than lots of little bits each. 


    ASDA Free From Marble Choc Easter Egg

    5. ASDA Free From Marble Choc Easter Egg

    Winner: Best supermarket vegan Easter egg

    Available: On sale online and in store at ASDA

    Far outstripping the competition, this reasonably priced supermarket vegan Easter egg punches above its weight in terms of quality. Giving you decent change from a fiver we thought this was hard to beat for the high-level chocolate used. The chocolate itself is Vegan Society approved. Plus, it’s rich and creamy rather than dark and bitter like some vegan chocolate can be.

    We loved the marbled design which made it feel contemporary without veering too much away from a classic egg. The recipe contains a good hit of coconut oil which means the chocolate melts super easily in your mouth. Also, there’s just the right amount of sweetness. The ridged design added another textural element which enhanced the eating experience for an Easter treat that we found ourselves going back to until the plate of sample scraps was entirely cleared. 

    VIEW NOW AT ASDA | £3.75

    M&S Single Origin Chocolate Egg with Truffles

    6. M&S Single Origin Chocolate Egg with Truffles 

    Winner: Best single origin vegan Easter egg

    Available: On sale online at Ocado and on sale in store at M&S

    You can always bet on good old M&S to pull out all the stops come any special time of year and their Easter treats haven’t disappointed for 2022. One of our favourites from the range is the Single Origin Chocolate Egg. Suitably grown-up, this is definitely one for adults thanks to its 85% single origin chocolate from Tumaco in Columbia. The results are in the eating. There’s of course an initial bitterness hit from the strength of the cocoa, but the flavour soon mellows in the mouth and becomes sweet and bright with a little acidic note to keep things from becoming cloying.

    There is a little bag of extra truffles too which help this egg stand out from the crowd. And the classy packaging means the whole things makes sense to give as a gift (even if that gift is to yourself). 

    VIEW AT OCADO | £15

    Selfridges Selection Vegan Oat Milk Chocolate Easter Egg

    7. Selfridges Selection Vegan Oat Milk Chocolate Easter Egg

    Winner: Best ‘milk’ chocolate vegan Easter egg

    Available: On sale online and in store at Selfridges

    There’s something about the cane sugar used in this mellow milk chocolate egg that gives the whole thing a sort of rich caramel undertone. Whatever it does, it’s absolutely delicious. It proves a welcome change from the much more intense dark chocolate counterparts.

    The smooth, shiny shell lets the chocolate do the talking which happily is luxuriously thick all round. This equals a good bite and a satisfying snap. For vegans who prefer the taste of milk chocolate, this is perfect. We also loved the pretty packaging which makes this ideal for gifting. 


    Venchi Dark chocolate and hazelnut egg

    8. Venchi Dark chocolate and hazelnut egg

    Winner: Best flavoured vegan chocolate Easter egg

    Available: On sale online and in store at Selfridges

    This was a real show-stopper. The shell is packed with nuts for a wonderful taste and texture. You can tell that the nuts are high-quality thanks to their rich creamy flavour.

    There’s not a hint of bitterness or any stale undertones, which can often be an issue with nutty treats. The size itself is a nice mid-size too. Ideal if you like to give one chunky gift rather than a few smaller bits. The 60% dark chocolate is an ideal middle ground if you like a lighter, dark chocolate. It’s sweet and smooth with a nice hit of bitterness at the end to satisfy all chocolate lovers. 


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