Easter desserts

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  • Some might say that Easter desserts are the best part of the whole holiday. And by some, we mean us!

    Looking for extra special Easter desserts? Look no further than our impressive recipes.

    On Easter Sunday or Monday, it’s traditional to have a lovely big Easter meal with the family – with either big carvings of meat or vegetarian alternatives.

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    To complete your Easter feast, we’ve got lots of Easter dessert ideas to share! Whether you’re surrounded by a big family or celebrating with a few people, Easter is a wonderful time to get those you love together and celebrate as a group.

    No matter what kind of Easter dessert you are after, we have a recipe for you. Like a salted caramel hazelnut meringue torte or chocolate and caramel fondant. There’s no reason to stop the chocolate if you feel like you’ve not quite had enough after your Easter eggs are eaten!

    However, if you feel that you’ve overdone it on the chocolate slightly and want something a little lighter, then go for a light and creamy mousse, cheesecake or trifle as a pleasant way to end a meal.

    Light spring flavours like lemon and elderflower are also a good way of minimising the sweet stuff and they give your standard desserts a fresh twist. With a scattering of fresh flowers, chicks or mini eggs on the plate as well, a dessert like this will make any meal feel nice and seasonal.

    Everyone knows that if you’re throwing a lunch for the family or visiting someone else, a freshly-prepared dessert is always a welcome treat so check out our recipes for lovely Easter desserts.

    Click through our gallery of Easter dessert recipes…