Are Walter White and Jesse Pinkman in Better Call Saul and what episode are they in?

Walt and Jesse in Better Call Saul is the television crossover fans have been waiting for

Walt and Jesse in Better Call Saul as the finale approaches. Picture shows Aaron Paul and Bryan Cranston as Walt and Jesse in Breaking Bad
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Walt and Jesse in Better Call Saul are responsible for mounting fan excitement. Here’s everything we know about whether they are set to return, and which episode that could be.

There has been ongoing speculation that Breaking Bad favourites Walter White and Jesse Pinkman are crossing over into the Better Call Saul universe. Morally challenged lawyer Jimmy McGill, AKA Saul Goodman, is about to reappear on Netflix for the final part of Vince Gilligan and Peter Gould’s dark comedy spinoff, after a short break. The last episode of the show to air entitled ‘Plan and Execution’, saw Jimmy and Kim’s plan to destroy Howard Hamlin’s career go horribly wrong. Fans are eager to know what will happen to the husband and wife duo, and how Walt and Jesse will be woven into the story.

Not the only show returning after a short break, Stranger Things season 4 Volume 2 recently broke streaming records when it landed on Netflix. Thrilling drama Ozark recently aired its final episodes after breaking mid-season. The beautiful scenery set starkly against the drama, had fans asking where are the Ozarks? Dark superhero comedy The Boys season 3 didn’t break mid season, but fans were happy to see the show return after a 2 year hiatus.     


Are Walter White and Jesse Pinkman in Better Call Saul? 

Yes, showrunner Peter Gould confirmed in April that Walt and Jesse will appear in Better Call Saul season 6. Speaking to Entertainment Weekly, Gould said “you're going to see Walt and Jesse this season”. He then teased “but I think the way you see them and when you see them won't necessarily be what you'd expect.”

He spoke of hearing many fan theories about the capacity in which the infamous meth-cooking pair could return. He reminds those speculating, that the introduction of Walt and Jesse into Jimmy McGill’s world is designed to align with Better Call Saul’s saga, and not that of Breaking Bad.

He said “I've heard a lot of few theories about what's going to happen," he says, "and I'm happy to report I haven't heard a theory that comes quite close to the actual fact”.

What episode are Walt and Jesse in?

Walter White actor Bryan Cranston has said that the episode they appear in remains unconfirmed. Speaking to SMX’s Basic! Podcast, Cranston said he remains entirely in the dark regarding the precise episodes he and Aaron Paul (Jesse Pinkman) appear. 

However, he did open up on filming, confirming that the crossover covers 3 scenes. He said “so there's 3 scenes to come. It's pretty cool. But to be honest with you - because we shot everything in a bubble and completely out of sequence - I don't even know what episodes we're in. You're gonna find out”. 

This means fans will have to wait until the final episodes of the season air, to find out the exact episode the two appear.

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Cranston said the cameos were filmed a year ago, when the two actors both had a gap in their schedule. Speaking about the secretive nature of trying to hide their appearance in the show, he recalled “they flew us in privately into Albuquerque, went to a private area of the airport, [and] as soon as we got off the plane, there was an SUV waiting for us at the steps. 

"So the last step onto the tarmac was two steps and then into the car," he added. "We were completely cloaked. It's very Breaking Bad. It was exciting because no one knew, or could know, that we were in town”. The two hid in an Airbnb, only leaving to shoot their scenes.

Is Better Call Saul before Breaking Bad?  

Better Call Saul is a prequel to Breaking Bad. However, season 1 begins 6 years before the events of Breaking Bad - and this has led to fans wondering how it is chronologically possible for Walt and Jesse to appear in the show.

In the Breaking Bad universe, Jesse is not long out of High School. With Better Call Saul taking place prior to the events of Breaking Bad, this would mean that at 42-years-old, Paul would be playing a teenager. Fans are wondering how this will work creatively, as well as putting forward other theories regarding which capacity the two will appear.

Newsweek suggests that Walt will appear teaching a chemistry class. With his legacy as a notorious meth dealer, it's easy to forget his origins as a chemistry teacher. 

Fans wonder if Walt teaching at a school near Jimmy will make up one of his scenes. It is also suspected that Jesse will seek Jimmy’s legal counsel in his scene. Jesse was already on the wrong side of the law when Walt recruited him as cooking partner in Breaking Bad - it’s likely he’s beginning his criminal career during the Better Call Saul era and would need a lawyer.    

Which episode of Breaking Bad does Saul Goodman first appear?

Saul Goodman first appears in season 2 episode 8 of Breaking Bad. The episode title is ‘Better Call Saul’, acting as inspiration for the spinoff prequel. 

During this episode, Badger is arrested by the Albuquerque Police following a sting operation. Needing a morally corrupt lawyer to handle the case, Walt is introduced to Saul Goodman. Walt poses as Badger's uncle during the initial visit to Saul's office, who advises Badger to inform on Walt and Jesse. This results in Walt and Jesse kidnapping Saul and threatening to kill him if he doesn’t prevent Badger informing on them. 

The end of the episode sees Saul and Walt work out their differences, and Saul becoming his full time legal counsel in covering up his illegal meth cooking and distribution. In season 3 of Breaking Bad, Saul Goodman actor Bob Odenkirk was promoted to series regular, where he remained for the duration of the show’s run.

When is Better Call Saul season 6 part 2 released? 

In the UK, Better Call Saul season 6b lands on Netflix on July 12, at 8am. For those with AMC, and AMC+, the final episodes arrive slightly earlier, on Monday July 11th. This will be at 9pm Eastern Time, 8pm Central Time, and 6pm Pacific Time. However, AMC+ plus is not yet available in the UK. 

Is season 6 the last series of Better Call Saul? 

Season 6 has been confirmed as the final season of Better Call Saul. AMC+ released a spinoff to the spinoff, “Slippin’ Jimmy’, in May. The six-part animated series features Jimmy as a child, honing his con skills with friend Marco Pasternark. 

Not content with this animated spinoff, AMC boss Dan McDermott wants more to be made within the same universe. Speaking to Variety, he said “I can tell you that if I could do anything to encourage Vince and Peter to continue on in this universe, I would do it”. 

He continued: “I think you’d have to ask them, but the door is always open and I long for the day my phone rings and Vince, Peter or our friends at Sony call to say, ‘Hey, I think we have another show set in this universe’”.

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Fans are sad to see the end of the critically acclaimed show. Posting to Twitter, one fan wrote “the best show on television #BetterCallSaul returns one last time tomorrow night. I am both unbelievably excited and somewhat sad that my favourite show that I’ve been watching since I was 15 years old is now ending. Very bitter sweet, as I imagine the finale will be as well”.

Other fans joined together in their worry over the fate of Jimmy’s wife Kim Wexler. She doesn’t appear in Breaking Bad, and fan theories have been wild over what her fate could be. The overall consensus is that Better Call Saul has been some fantastic television, and fans aren’t ready to see it end. 

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