Households warned against following TikTok radiator cleaning hack after multiple reports of explosions

Radiator cleaning
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Cleaning hack followers have been warned against using TikTok radiator cleaning hack after multiple reports of explosions.

People who follow cleaning hacks have been warned against recreating the latest TikTok radiator cleaning hack following multiple reports of an explosion.

Hacks like how to make carpet freshener at home, or how to paint a drawer knob using a potato, and a genius hack to revive old Ugg boots have had us rushing to copy them but there's one hack you should avoid.

An original post by someone who tried the dangerous hack read, 'Warning if you're thinking of using the shock can to clean out your radiators DON'T. I did this today and somehow a massive fire ball explosion happened resulting in my windows being blown out and my both of my ankles were burnt. PLEASE DON'T DO IT, USE MY EXPERIENCE AS A WARNING'

The administrator of the Hinch Army Cleaning Tips Facebook group, inspired by cleaning queen Mrs Hinch, has spoken out after several reports of a cleaning hack posing a danger to life. The post reads, 'Hello All. Please see below post and please take note of the dangers of using products incorrectly. Any flammable materials shouldn't be used near a heat source such as a radiator.

Many have tried to share this post to the group and to not to overflow the group with the same post we will be deleting such posts that comes through.

EDIT TO ADD - This is a trend going on tiktok on cleaning accounts to spray between your radiator to get the dust-out.... we know of two homes here in the UK that have had windows blown out by this just today.'

And the post has shocked some house proud users who were also unaware of the dangers.

One wrote, 'Oh god! deffo won’t do it now x' another put, 'That’s awful! I just blow the hairdryer down mine, it blows all the dust out,' and a third added, 'Apparently there wasn’t a heat source involved and it was static that ignited it so please don’t use it in an enclosed area such as a radiator, in fact, don’t use it at all. There has been another episode of this happening today as well which was caught on camera and there was no heat source at all.'

One cheap and safer way of cleaning behind your radiator is to use straws attached to a hoover to suck up the collected dust.

Meanwhile, some were being less than kind, to which a user defended the person who originally posted the warning, to say, 'The original poster didn't upload this post to be shamed for a mistake she made she is sharing it for awareness incase anyone made the same one she did. She is currently in hospital with severe burns and in a lot of shock with a ruined home with children - there is no need to be nasty about her when she is simply sharing awareness.'

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