Matt Willis reveals he burned his wedding photos because he didn’t like how he looked

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  • Matt Willis has revealed that he burned his wedding photos because he wasn’t happy with how he looked.

    The Busted star, 35, who spent time in rehab before and after his wedding to his TV presenter wife, Emma Willis, told the Mirror that he was a ‘massive, bloated, wreck-head’ in his wedding pictures.

    The father-of-three, who last year told The Sun that in the future he won’t stop his children trying drugs, had been through rehab for his alcohol and drug addictions twice before his marriage to The Voice host in 2008.

    He admitted that, as a result of his battle with the crippling addictions, he looked ‘sweaty’ and ‘chubby’ in the photos of his wedding day, saying that he ‘looked like a competition winner’ stood next to his new bride.

    The boy band vocalist, who earlier this year revealed why his wife of ten years was ‘devastated’ after their wedding, managed to fully get sober after his third visit to rehab after he’d married Emma, now 42.

    But for the former addict, his wedding photos were a reminder of the battle that he had previously faced.

    He told the Mirror that he ‘redeemed himself’ this year when the couple renewed their vows for their ten-year anniversary.

    ‘If I’m honest, that’s why I said yes to the whole idea,’ he said. ‘I needed a good picture of me and Emma in that wedding dress, because she looks amazing’.

    The couple marked their happy occasion with a wedding-themed renewal party at the same venue as their original big day, where their many guests dressed up in their own black tie and wedding dresses to celebrate with the celebrity husband and wife.

    Their well-known guests included author and mum-of-three Giovanna Fletcher and her musician husband Tom, as well as This Morning presenter Rochelle Humes and her radio show host husband Marvin.

    Now fully sober, the Busted bassist has reunited with his band mates Charlie Simpson and James Bourne to release a comeback album and go on tour next year.

    We wish him all the best for the future!

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