The 5 signs your hair is ageing (and what to do about it)

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  • We’re all guilty of it. We’ve been so busy worrying about the increasing amount of fine lines and wrinkles appearing that we totally forgot to think about how getting a little older would affect our hair. But sadly, our hair is affected by ageing just as much as our skin (sometimes even more so). There are five signs of ageing hair that you are likely to experience, if you haven’t already, and for a few of us unlucky ladies, we may even experience more than one…

    So what’s to be done when we don’t want our hair to be giving our age away? Well as we get older, our hair changes and so, therefore, should the way we look after it. It’s important to use the right hair products and take on board a few simple styling tips to keep your hair looking its youthful best. And we’re not talking about expensive products either! Nothing we’ve recommended here is over £5 so next time you’re at the shops, you can pick up the right product for the anti-ageing sign you’re experiencing, and banish older-looking hair for good!

    Read Silvikrin Style Director Michael Douglas’ top tips and tricks to help hair stay looking younger for longer (and steer clear of the dreaded five signs of ageing hair!)

    Sign 1. Grey

    Hair grays as it stops producing melanin, the colour pigment which gives the hair its tones. In turn, it loses its shine as grey hair does not reflect the light in the same way that coloured hair can. The onset of grayness is mainly genetic so there is little we can do to prevent those sneaky greys and depending on your age and if it suits you, you might not be worried about it, which is great! But if you are unhappy about going grey, I would recommend using colour to disguise this. Colouring the hair can do wonderful things and completely transform your look. Make sure to choose a colour that suits your skin tone as this will make a big difference to the outcome, and make sure to stick with colours that are similar to your natural hair colour – that’s the colour that’s supposed to be most suited to us after all!

    If your hair goes grey later on in life, in your 50s or 60s, it will look more natural so don’t be afraid to go for it if it suits you! But remember, if your hair is graying it is likely to be suffering from the other four signs of ageing so be sure to take good care of it. Silvikrin Anti-Ageing Mousse (£2.99) with flex-active fullness technology is great for more visible fullness and shine. Apply an apple-sized amount and evenly massage into wet hair before blow drying or letting dry naturally.

    If your hair goes grey later on in life, in your 50s or 60s, it will look more natural so don’t be afraid to go for it if it suits you! Click on the pic for 10 ways to prevent grey hair

    Sign 2. Dry/Brittle

    Everyone ages differently and at different rates, with some of us suffering from drier hair very young and others not at all! I would recommend investing in good quality products to care for your hair as early as your mid-thirties or simply as soon as you begin to notice a change in your hair.

    Spend time treating your hair once a week with a moisturising hair mask to help hair feel soft and also create added shine to mask roughness and dryness in the hair. If you have curly hair, your hair can feel even drier than straight hair as, in some cases, it’s rougher as a result of the natural strain it’s put under to maintain its curl. The best way to tackle this dryness would be to invest in a good quality conditioner and applying serums to the hair after washing; these will smooth the surface and make it feel more moisturised.

    Goodtoknow recommends Organix Moroccan Argan Oil (£4.99) when it comes to tackling dry brittle hair. Gets rid of frizz and moisturises dry, brittle hair to make it smooth and shiny!

    Sign 3. Coarse

    Hair begins to age and show signs of coarseness as, naturally, the body starts to slow down and prioritise what’s important, meaning your hair and skin unfortunately suffer. It may go without saying, but the best way to maintain healthy hair and protect it from going coarse is to have a healthy diet and lead a healthy lifestyle! This not only helps your skin but also aids in healthy hair and nail production leading to an overall positive physical and psychological wellbeing.

    Try to treat your hair as you would your skin too. To protect it from further damage in the sun, mix a small drop of sun cream with a styling gel for added protection and work evenly through the hair. Try using anti-ageing hair products too like the Silvikrin Anti-Ageing Hairspray (£3.49). It brushes out without visible residue and will hold your style in place whilst providing more visible fullness and shine keeping hair looking youthful.

    Don’t forget your hair when it comes to the sun! Mix a drop of sun cream with styling gel and work through hair for added protection

    Sign 4. Lacklustre

    As hair gets older it tends to lose its elasticity and can be much harder to style. When you style hair, you stretch the hair around a brush or styling tool, but if there is limited elasticity, the hair won’t be able to stretch as easily making styles harder to achieve. Styling products really help overcome this problem. I suggest working an egg sized amount of mousse into the lengths of damp hair to add volume and also help keep your style in place.

    Also try to think carefully about your haircut. A haircut is all about suiting an individual and depends on a variety of factors including eye, nose and head shape as well as your hairline and hair type. It is therefore a common misconception that hair should be cropped and chopped as you get older as your cut really has little to do with age. Short hair can actually make oval and round face shapes look plumper and therefore ages you more. Never be scared to keep hair long as this can help frame the face and also act as a cover up for any wrinkles you want to hide! Your hairstyle is about looking good for your age, not looking young for your age.

    At 53, Carol Vorderman is proof that longer hair can look fab in your 50s, and beyond! Click the pic for more hairstyle ideas for your age.

    Sign 5. Thinner

    Thinning can be one of the more worrying signs of ageing as each strand becomes smaller in diameter, making you feel as if you have less hair, which consequently makes it more vulnerable to damage, prone to split ends and lacking in volume. To overcome thinning hair, ask your hairdresser to include some short layers to make hair look thicker and fuller and also helps frame the face. One length hair can actually drag your hair down making it look lifeless. Another great tip (which works for both men and women) would be to regularly massage the scalp, which will to increase blood flow to the hair follicles.

    To maintain thicker hair, I suggest prepping the hair using style products such as Slivikrin Anti-Ageing Thickening Lotion (£3.49) which features innovative technology to give noticeable volume without the feeling of stickiness. For best results, spray onto damp hair and work into your style to give each strand form and structure.

    Try a thickening lotion to add volume to thinning hair, like this one from hair experts Silvikrin. For more ways to cure thinning hair, click here

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