How to cut your own hair: expert step-by-step tips plus advice on choosing the right tools

Thinking about taking the plunge? The experts tell us how.
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  • Thinking about cutting your own hair with scissors? Or are you wondering how best to cut your lockdown partner’s hair? You’re not the only one.

    Despite hairdressers opening in early July, in the last few weeks of lockdown thousands of people have continued to search for how to cut their own hair – or their child’s or partner’s hair – with scissors and clippers at home.

    This might be because they are shielding and keen to practice strong social distancing for health reasons, or it could just be that they can’t get an appointment at their usual salon.

    Naturally as far as your hair is concerned, cutting your own is not something that’s recommended by many hairdressers or barbers, who’ve seen their fair share of home-hair cut ruins over the years. As our expert, found of  SALON64, Ricky Walters confirms, “Do not lose patience with your hair! In my years within the hairdressing industry I have only ever seen disasters when clients cut their own hair. Whether it be a little trim or simply cutting out the split ends it never ends well! Wait for all this to blow over and return to your salon as usual.”

    But not everyone can afford to wait out the lockdown, so here are Ricky’s top tips for doing it yourself…

    How to cut your own hair – or someone else’s

    Watch a video for guidance

    “There are huge amounts of videos and tutorials online on how to cut someone’s hair, but my first piece of advice would be to shop around for a video that speaks slowly, clearly and with plenty of detail.” Ricky says, “Do not just go for the first video you quite like the look of.”

    “The key is in the detail – whether it’s flicking out the clippers when fading men’s hair or the amount of tension in your hands when pulling ladies’ hair down to cut. Details are key.”

    Allow a margin for error

    Ricky says not having a contingency plan this is one of the most common mistakes you can make when cutting someone else’s hair. “Your husband or wife wants 3 inches off their hair and I cringe as I watch an amateur cut a line at exactly 3 inches with no margin for error. Remember you can always take more off but you can’t put more on.”

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    Start from the back

    For some reason everyone likes to start at the front, says Ricky. “For me this is the most important area and the place most visible to your client. Try and take less off starting from the back as a little test patch to find your feet and work slowly and methodically following an experts tutorial. [Find someone] who is a professional hairdresser and not an amateur trying to gain followers.”

    how to cut your own hair cutting hair with scissors

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    How to cut men’s hair with clippers

    Ricky says, “I do understand for those gents who like a tidy up every 10 days, 6 weeks feels like an eternity when your hair is out of control. There are some sneaky little tricks to making men’s hair look a little neater.”

    Ricky advises, “Going around just the hairline with clippers or scissors and leaving the rest will make the messy locks look a little more purposeful. If you’re feeling brave, with the longest clipper guard you can begin to cut the first inch or so above the hairline.

    “Start on a clipper guard so much longer than your hair’s length so no hair comes off, then gradually work your way down the guards until a tiny amount of hair comes off. This is your safety net and should just smarten you up ever so slightly.”

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    How to cut hair at home: the essential tools

    There’s a whole range of products available to buy online to help with all your home haircutting needs, as sometimes a pair of kitchen scissors just won’t cut it – literally. Naturally, you’ll want to start with a pair of hairdressing scissors or clippers – we’ve laid out the best ones to buy and what they’re used for – as well as a comb.

    But it’s also important to take care of your hair after you’ve cut it and you might possibly need something to style out any mistakes. So we’ve also put together some of the best styling tools and hair care solutions you’ll need get you hair looking in tip-top condition.