Why the Obaby Stamford Luxe Sleigh Cotbed ticks all the boxes

A large, luxurious sleigh-style cotbed with some great extras

The Obaby Stamford Luxe Sleigh Cotbed
(Image credit: Grace Holliday)
GoodtoKnow Verdict

This is a large sleigh-style cot bed with an enormous storage drawer underneath that slides out smoothly. It also has a teething rail and adjustable height settings, meaning you can use this bed from birth till age four and even after that.

Reasons to buy
  • +

    Sleek and luxurious design

  • +

    Suitable from birth to age four

  • +

    Large storage drawer with divider

Reasons to avoid
  • -

    Traditional design isn't for everyone

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We tested the Obaby Stamford Luxe Sleigh Cot bed to see how it fared against other similar products and whether it was worth its price tag.  

If space is an issue, this might not be the product for you. But that aside, this roomy cot bed has a standout sleigh design that will give your nursery a classic, traditional aesthetic. There are loads of great extras too, including a gigantic storage drawer, teething rail and adjustable heights, meaning that it grows with your child up to the age of four and even beyond. 

Our tester, Grace, would definitely recommend it to friends as a good buy. "A best buy product should be something that ticks all possible boxes: design, aesthetics, usability, etc, and I think this does," she said. 

If you're looking for the best cotbed for your baby or toddler, the Obaby Stamford Luxe Sleigh Cotbed is a worthy contender. "I can't fault it, and my daughter has transitioned into it without a fuss," adds Grace.

Headshot of Grace Holliday, consumer writer
Grace Holliday

For this review, Goodto.com asked Grace Holliday to try out the Obaby Stamford Cot bed for a minimum of two weeks with her baby, who was 11 months old at the time. The standout feature that impressed her was its design and size. "It looks gorgeous and is a generous size for my baby to roll around in without bumping into the sides," Grace says. 

Our tester liked that the Obaby Stamford had several height settings and could be adapted as your baby grows up.

"Because our daughter was already ten months old at the time of testing, we put the base height on the lowest level as soon as it arrived," Grace told us. "However, there are two other higher levels too, so it's ideal if your baby is younger and not yet rolling or pulling themselves up."

In fact, Obaby has designed this cot bed so that it lasts from birth to age four. Even after that, it can be used as a day bed for quick naps or for reading bedtime stories on, so there's lots of scope for it staying in the family for years to come. 

Price and availability

Grace thinks this cot bed is worth its moderate-to-premium price tag. It's currently on sale on Amazon with 20% off, making it just over £280, but its RRP is over £300.

"For the amount you're paying, you want something that will grow with your baby, not just in terms of overall size, but in terms of adjustability," Grace said. "This comes with the additional pieces to transform it from a cot bed with bars to a toddler bed with only some, or no, bars, at no extra cost. As a result, it is suitable for use up to four years old. For it to justify its premium price point however, you also want additional features, and I think the teething rail and huge double drawers underneath satisfy that requirement."

The Obaby Stamford cot bed which was reviewed by our parent tester - pictured in her baby's nursery

(Image credit: Grace Holliday)

Design and features

Weighs: 10 kg | Age: Birth – 4 years

"We knew the Obaby Stamford Luxe Sleigh Cot Bed was going to be generously sized by looking at the measurements online before its arrival, but we were still surprised to see it arrived in three separate, and very large, boxes," admitted Grace. 

Despite its bulky size, Grace found the cot bed easy to assemble. "All the pieces were well packaged, with no damage or dents. It took us about ten minutes to unpack everything, and take all the empty boxes outside," she said. 

"It only took 20-30 minutes to put together, as each side piece and base can be reassembled. There were no slats to put into place ourselves. Everything we needed, aside from a screwdriver, was in the box, including an Allen key. The drawer was also easy to put together."

As well as its size, our tester was impressed with the look and style of the Obaby Stamford. "We slid it into one corner of the nursery, and it blended in to the rest of our white furniture perfectly," she said. "The curved side panels, which give it its 'sleigh' design, add an extra little something to its appearance without being flashy. We pushed the curved top bar against the wall and had the flat top bar facing out into the room."

The Obaby Stamford Luxe Sleigh Cotbed pictured in our tester's daughter's nursery

(Image credit: Grace Holliday)

Grace liked the subtle teething rail - essential when little ones start gnawing on everything in sight. "On this top bar comes a plastic rail, which was already attached, and is especially made to be safe for baby or child to chew on while they're teething. This means that their teeth are protected, and the wood of the cot is protected too!" 

Those worried about how babies might react to its large size shouldn't worry says Grace. "She was fine transitioning from a 120/60cm cot to a 140/70cm cot, and the extra size wasn't intimidating to her."

How we tested

  • Tested how easy the cotbed was to assemble.
  • Used the cotbed for two weeks, for both naps and night-times.
  • Tested out the different features to see which were genuinely useful and which were gimmicks. 

Things you won't find on the box

While this cotbed is on the large size, making it not particularly well suited for smaller spaces, it does come with a significant amount of integrated storage. 

"One of my favourite things about the cot is actually the drawer underneath. Not only does it have a huge 77L capacity, split in two with a divider, it is really smooth to pull out and put back," said Grace. 

"With our previous cot, the drawer underneath was really clunky and difficult to open, which meant we avoided using it. With the Stamford, I was really pleased that it was well-made enough that I could actively use it for sheets, sleeping bags and other items."

It's worth noting that, while you get everything you need with this cot, you don't need it all at the same time and there will be parts that you'll have to store away.  

"Because it goes up to four years, there are some additional pieces you'll need to have space to store away for use down the line. When she outgrows it, we plan to use it as a day bed for her to play on in the other corner of her room," added Grace. 

Who's it best for

Grace thought that the Obaby Stamford Luxe Sleigh Cotbed would suit 'someone who is looking for a long-lasting cotbed that doesn't scrimp on appearance or bonus features.'

Due to its relatively large size, it would also be better for someone who has a larger nursery and plenty of space. Grace's baby certainly seemed to enjoy the extra space it afforded and slept fantastically in it.  

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