Adele just confirmed we've been saying her name wrong all along

It turns out we may have all been saying Adele’s name wrong, as she praises a fan for finally pronouncing it correctly!

Adele's name - Adele laughing and holding a microphone on stage as American Express present BST Hyde Park in Hyde Park on July 02, 2022 in London, England
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Adele has seemingly confirmed that the world has been saying her name wrong this whole time! 

Adele revealed the correct pronunciation of her name, after praising a fan for finally saying it 'perfectly'.

During a Q&A session called ‘Happy Hour with Adele,’ the Grammy-Award winner sat down with fans to answer their burning questions about her life and career. And while fans were likely expecting to learn some new insights into the singer, they probably weren’t expecting to discover that they’ve been pronouncing her name wrong.

Adele - who fans think hinted at her engagement at the Brits - revealed the correct way to say her name after watching a video from a fan called Annie who said, “Hi Adele, I’m Annie, I’m from London and my question is: on your journey to self-love while writing ‘30,’ did your perspective on how you saw yourself when you were at 25 change at all and how?” Before signing off with, “Cheers babes, love ya!”

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Adele then excitedly responded, “Where’s she from? Enfield of something? Love that, she said my name perfectly!” Before then pointing out that she herself, pronounces her name ‘Uh-dale’ rather than ‘Ah-dell’, which is how her name is typically said.

She said to the Happy Hour audience that the Q&A’s host, “came and asked me how I say my name and I was like ‘Uh-dale’ and she [Annie] was like ‘Hi Uh-dale’”

Adele is also originally from Enfield, North London so hearing a fellow Londoner say her name was likely familiar, music to her ears

Fans on the other hand were understandably left baffled by her admission, with one tweeting: “Today years old: we’ve been saying Adele’s name wrong.”

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While another fan commented, “Adele Said We've Been Pronouncing Her Name Wrong, And I'm Literally Flabbergasted.”

A third fan also tweeted, “Wait… we’ve been pronouncing @Adele’s name wrong this ENTIRE time??!!”

This comes as Adele gears up to kick off her postponed Vegas Residency. The shows are scheduled to start on the 18th of November at Caesars Palace, with the Mirror reporting that tickets are selling for up to £40k on resale sites.

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