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A must-watch new series by The One Show host

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Fertility is put front and centre in a new series with the popular One Show host. Here's where to watch Alex Jones: Making Babies.

Scrubs on and ward-ready, Welsh TV presenter is world's away from the glamour which usually accompanies her regular BBC role. The 45-year-old has immersed herself into the world of fertility, IVF and egg-freezing for a new show that's certainly set to make for emotional viewing. 

A mother herself, Jones has been open about the heartbreak she's experienced with her husband Charlie Thomson during their own reproductive journey, including a shock miscarriage in 2017. It's this personal connection which undoubtably adds to the exploration of the sensitive subject in Alex Jones: Making Babies. Jones spent six months in 2022 training as a fertility assistant at one of the leading fertility clinics in the UK. Looking into world-renowned research and innovative technology in the area, the series also follows a number of couples during the highs and lows of their own fertility treatments. Here's where you can watch the must-watch show, plus details on episodes and filming.

Where to watch Alex Jones: Making Babies

Alex Jones: Making Babies is being broadcast on the W channel on Thursdays at 8pm. The channel can be found on Freeview, SkyTV and Virgin Media TV. Similarly you can watch episodes online at UKTV Play.

The W channel is listed as channel number 25 on Freeview, number 132 on Sky and number 125 on Virgin. Those without a terrestial TV can also stream it via UKTV Play now.

Alex shared her hopes of what viewers will takeaway from the series. "I really hope that it informs people of what may be ahead if people have to go to a clinic like King’s," she says. "I also hope that they feel prepared, ready and hopeful because it can result in the ultimate goal of a baby. I really hope that people who have or are going through IVF feel represented and seen and all the angst, physical pain and emotional turmoil they’ve felt can be understood by those around them. 

"I would love if the wider viewers who may be grandparents, parents or friends who may never go through the doors of a fertility clinic, feel that they have a better understanding and can be more supportive and kinder to people they may know who are going through it," Alex adds.

W have produced a number of similarly focused fertility programmes that those interested in Alex Jones: Making Babies might want to watch. Most recently the channel produced the award-winning Emma Willis: Delivering Babies, plus a documentary from music star Myleene Klass titled Myleene Klass: Miscarriage and Me.

How many episodes of Alex Jones: Making Babies?

There are 10 episodes in total of Alex Jones: Making Babies to watch. A new episode drops on W and UKTV every Thursday. Each episode lasts for around 60 minutes.

Episode 2 will be repeated at 7pm on Sunday 15 January. Episode 3 then follows at it's usual time of 8pm on Thursday 19 January.

Episode by episode synopsis

  • Episode 1: Alex starts her training as a fertility assistant at King’s Fertility, London. She is put straight to work caring for patients going through IVF treatment. She witnesses firsthand the emotional turmoil and resilience of the patients and is brought to tears in her first embryo transfer.
  • Episode 2: It’s now Alex’s second week training as a fertility assistant at King’s Fertility, London. For the first time, she cares for patients going in and out of theatre and she witnesses the emotional turmoil and resilience of the patients going through IVF.
  • Episode 3: Alex is now one month into her training as a fertility assistant at a busy reproduction clinic. She meets the patients hoping to become parents and for the first time she is finally able to work independently on the early pregnancy scan list.
  • Episode 4: Alex spends her first shift in Andrology learning about how they analyse and store sperm. She also works with a patient whose only hope of having children is by using donor eggs.
  • Episode 5: Alex has now been a trainee fertility assistant for two months and she meets two couples desperately trying to start their families.
  • Episode 6: Alex learns about the hormone injections that 3000 patients a year take at King’s fertility to prepare their bodies for IVF. She meets 34-year-old Sharlotte who is freezing her eggs to preserve her fertility.
  • Episode 7: Alex is hit hard by the struggles of patients going through IVF as she meets Jasmine and Rumen who have had a previous miscarriage and are trying for their second child whilst Rumen is in remission for cancer.
  • Episode 8: Nearing the end of her training Alex is allowed to assist in complex cases. Here she meets Holly with a rare split womb whose attempting her sixth round of IVF with her husband Mark.
  • Episode 9: There is heart break and jubilation as Alex meets two couples desperately trying to defy their odds and become parents.
  • Episode 10: In this emotional final episode three couples await their results. Will they finally become parents? And it’s the end of Alex’s 6 months training.

Where is Alex Jones: Making Babies filmed?

Alex Jones: Making Babies is filmed at the King's Fertility clinic based in Denmark Hill in South-East London. The centre opened in 1983 and specialises in providing fertility services such as IVF and IUI treatment, plus egg freezing.

The mum-of-three spent six months at King's Fertility learning the ropes - all whilst juggling family life and her The One Show presenter duties. It looks like filming took place in the early half of 2022, with Alex sharing an Instagram post in March confirming her presence at King's.

"Spent #internationalwomensday with this beautiful gang who help create the strong women of the future at #kingsfertilityunit," read her caption, alongside a photo of Alex with the wider team at King's Fertility.

King’s Fertility have shared a statement as why they agreed to the series. Increasing the awareness of fertility, explaining the IVF process and shining a light on the "medical and emotional toll" of those trying to conceive were key reasons. 

Dr Ippokratis Sarris, Director at King's Fertility added that Alex Jones attachment to the series was another reason why they signed up to the show.

"The decision to work with UKTV on this series was not taken lightly," he says. "Alex had opened up about her own struggle with fertility back in 2016, so we knew this was a subject close to her heart. 

"From our very first meeting it was clear that Alex would be highly empathetic towards our patients and that the crew would be similarly sensitive during filming. Transparency, honesty and passion are hallmarks of Alex’s character. We knew that we could trust her to shine a light on the field of fertility and to help further the conversation."

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