Where is Candy Montgomery now?

Wondering what Candy Montgomery is up to now and if she's still married to Pat?

Jessica Biel as Candy Montgomery in Candy
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She was found not guilty of murdering her lover’s wife with an axe, but how did the events impact her life and where is Candy Montgomery now? 

The true story of Candy (opens in new tab) - the gripping new Disney+ series starring Jessica Biel has left many viewers perplexed. Betty Gore was found in a pool of blood with her infant daughter alone in her crib, having been struck with an axe 41 times. Her friend, neighbour, and woman having an affair with her husband didn’t deny killing Betty, but instead Candy Montgomery argued the killing had taken place in self-defence. It's this that forms the basis of the five-part series and has understandably left viewers wondering where Candy Montgomery is now and what happened to the Gore family. We reveal her whereabouts, and that of other prominent people featured in the story.

Another true crime dramatisation piquing the interest of viewers around the globe, is the Jeffrey Dahmer story (opens in new tab) on Netflix.  The true story of how Jeffrey Dahmer got caught (opens in new tab) will leave readers on the edge of their seats. One of his potential victims played a big part in his eventual downfall, leaving viewers of the dramatisation asking where is Tracy Edwards now (opens in new tab)? The series doesn't depict the aftermath of the killer's murder spree, and for those asking how did Jeffrey Dahmer die (opens in new tab), we've answered this and other burning questions.  

Where is Candy Montgomery now?

Candy Montgomery is now 72-years-old and reportedly resides in Georgia, where she relocated to not long after the incident. She retrained to be a mental health counsellor and now goes by her maiden name of Candace Wheeler.

According to Bustle (opens in new tab), Montgomery lives and works in the Dawsonville area of Georgia. She has a profile on the website HealthGrades, which is a site allowing the public to look for recommended Doctors and therapists in their area. The site is not available to view outside of the US. She also has a profile on another medical services website, CareDash (opens in new tab). According to this profile, she treats issues such as anxiety, depression, loss, grief, bereavement, mental Illness, social anxiety, and stress.

Is Candy still married to Pat?

No, Candy is no longer married to Pat Montgomery. The pair relocated to Georgia together after the trial, but divorced shortly afterwards. 

Cracks were already showing in the marriage due to Candy’s affair with Allan Gore. In a profile of the case by Texas Monthly (opens in new tab), it was reported that Pat worked long hours and was often away, and Candy was increasingly bored with her life - their arguments became more frequent. According to profilers Jim Atkinson and John Bloom, “His insensitivity infuriated her and led to harsh words. To Pat they were arguments over nothing, but to her they represented everything wrong with their marriage”. 

When Candy’s affair came to an end, she and Pat attended a marriage counselling programme. Shortly after beginning their counselling, Candy killed Betty and Pat remained by his wife’s side throughout the trial. The case profile reported “Pat was heartened by the way everyone stood by them, no matter what new evidence was leaked to the press”. The pair divorced shortly after relocating to Georgia, however. 

Timothy Simons as Pat Montgomery in Candy

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Where is Allan Gore today?

Allan Gore lives in Sarasota, Florida. He is now retired, and in a domestic partnership. 

He has a Facebook page, where he was sharing snippets of his life - however, this has not been updated for over a year now. The page does confirm that he’s been in a relationship since 2016, although does not say with whom. According to The Netline (opens in new tab), just three months after Candy’s trial came to an end, Allan married Elaine Clift - a fellow member of the church his and Candy’s family attended. The pair moved to Sachse, Texas, and divorced sometime later although it is unknown exactly when. 

Allan and Elaine initially took children Alisa and Bethany with them to Texas. However, they lost custody of them soon afterwards, for reasons that have never been properly understood. The girls went to live with Betty’s parents Bertha and Bob Pomeroy, in Kansas. No official comment has ever been made from either party about Allan and Elaine losing custody. 

Where are Candy Montgomery’s children today?

Very little is known about the whereabouts of Candy Montgomery’s children, although it’s thought their names are Jennifer and Ian. Where they reside today is unknown.

The children weren’t mentioned in court and were therefore not traceable through legal records. They have been given various names throughout the different dramatisations of Candy’s life over the years. In the latest series on Disney+, they’re called Becky and Jason. In 1990’s TV movie A Killing In A Small Town, their names are Sara and Sean. It was The Cinemaholic (opens in new tab) who reported their names to be Jennifer and Ian.

The publication also suggested both children are married with families of their own, and maintain relationships with both parents - despite the trauma that might have been caused by their mother’s actions. However, no evidence of this was provided.

Timothy Simons as Pat Montgomery, Dash McCloud as Jason Montgomery, and Aven Lotz as Becky Montgomery in Candy

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Where are Betty Gore’s children today?

Alisa Gore now goes by the name Lisa, and still lives in Kansas with her husband John Harder, and their two sons. Bethany lives and works in Las Vegas, and has three children.

According to Bustle (opens in new tab), Lisa graduated from Norwich High in 1992, before gaining an accounting degree from Kansas State University. They suggest her LinkedIn profile states she currently works as a business controller for an Engineered company. Despite being separated from her father as a child, they are Facebook friends, and Allan has commented on her public pictures.

Bethany graduated from Wichita State University, and now works as an assistant principal at an academy in Las Vegas, according to her Facebook page. Although it is known she has two children, a family Facebook picture shows her with three children, suggesting she has more than two.

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