Strictly Come Dancing star Chris Ramsey BREAKS his ankle days after welcoming baby son with wife Rosie

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Strictly Come Dancing star Chris Ramsey has suffered a rather inconvenient accident just days after his wife Rosie welcomed their second son.

The stand up comedian and Instagram influencer Rosie rocketed to fame as a duo following the success of their podcast Sha**ed Married Annoyed and left fans delighted when they confirmed the arrival of their baby son Rafe earlier this month.

But their bubble of newborn bliss seems to have already popped, with the South Shields couple sharing details of a disaster on social media this weekend.

Sharing a snap of his leg strapped up in a medical boot, Chris Ramsey explained he'd suffered a bone breakage while playing at the park with his five-year-old son, Robin.

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The mishap has come at a rather inconvenient time too, with Rosie recovering from a Cesarean delivery, busy homeschooling little Robin and looking after newborn Rafe.

'How to make your lockdown a million times worse...Wife recovering from surgery ✅ Broken ankle ✅ F**k this DECADE,' an irritated sounding Chris penned on Instagram.

Sharing more details of the annoying injury, Rosie explained to her followers, "I feel terrible because it's totally, totally not his fault. It was a complete accident.

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"He was at the park, he was running around and he went over on his ankle. He somehow drove home, somehow. Bless him he's on painkillers.

"I feel terrible because I'm so annoyed at the situation, but I'm not annoyed at him.

"I'm having an episode. If I don't laugh I will cry.

"Chris has broke his ankle, well he's broke, I don't even know, he came in and told us and he had that stupid boot on crutches.

"Horrific timing, for obvious reasons. You know, national global pandemic, five-year-old not at school, newborn baby - I had a section ten days ago.

"We've had a good laugh about it, cos that's all we can do," Rosie added, looking on the bright side.

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Chris and Rosie shared the lovely news of Rafe's arrival with a gorgeous snap of the tiny tot.

'This is Rafe Ramsey 💙 Born yesterday afternoon weighing 9lbs 1oz. He’s absolutely wonderful and looks EXACTLY like his brother! like, it’s uncanny! 🤣😱😍.

'He’s yet to meet Robin, so once we’re all settled back at home I’ll introduce him to you properly. ❤️'

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