Holly Willoughby moved to tears on This Morning as she makes heartbreaking admission about her mum

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  • Holly Willoughby was moved to tears on This Morning after making a heartbreaking admission about her mum.

    Yesterday’s episode of magazine show This Morning saw presenters Holly and her co-star Phillip Schofield get emotional after playing clips of families being reunited in lockdown.

    The government recently confirmed new guidelines that adults who live on their own or single mums are now allowed to create a support bubble with another household.

    The new guidelines mean that grandparents living on their own (and who are not shielding) are now able see their grandchildren for the first time in three months.

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    To mark the groundbreaking change in lockdown rules, the This Morning team put together a collection of videos showing families finally being reunited after months of not seeing each other.

    And the montage was so moving that it reduced the two hosts to tears.

    “So many of you have been in touch over the weekend sharing your videos,” said Holly, introducing the segment. “Get your tissues is all I can say.”

    After the montage the presenter read out messages sent in from viewers, with one reading, “I lost my mum in September last year so these past few months have been hard on us all, but now my dad has become part of our bubble.”

    The screen then showed an image of the caller’s dad hugging her children, as Holly said, “Oh my gosh I can feel that hug.”

    Fighting back tears she then made a touching admission about her mum, adding, “I’m so jealous. I just feel like, I know it’s so lovely and I’m so happy for them, but I just want to hug my mum so bad and my dad.”

    “Oh I feel a bit teary,” added Phillip after another emotional photo, as Holly replied: “I know, I know, it’s because it’s what we want isn’t it, people have been waiting for so long.”

    Hopefully it won’t be too long Holly ❤️

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