James Martin shares rare childhood photo to prove he was born to become a chef

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TV chef James Martin shared a special photo with his social media followers.

The food pro, who is known for hosting the BBC's Saturday Kitchen and regularly appearing on ITV's This Morning for expert cooking segments, took to Instagram to treat his fans to an adorable snap from his childhood, weeks after leaving them fawning over a hunky picture of him aged 20.

Proving food was always destined to be a big part of his life, James wrote, 'You could tell back then I always liked food 🍦,' beside a sweet snapshot of him as a toddler, munching on a 99 ice cream cone.

Plenty of the British cooking icon's fans took to the comment section to swoon over the mega cute throwback photo, with one writing, 'Oh very cute indeed. No change from today 💙.'

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Meanwhile others cheekily made reference to James' tendency to use plenty of butter in every recipe.

'Butter ice cream? 😉,' one joked, while another added, 'I bet you stuck some butter on that too.'

'Funny thing is.. that cone is full of butter lol🤣,' a third chipped in.

Lately, James has been using his lifelong penchant for food for good, whipping up batches of homemade pasta for the people of his village during the coronavirus crisis, when the Italian treat was scarce in many supermarkets.

Sharing a video of all the bags he’d made, James wrote, ‘40kg done for the village and now for some more. Only sound is birds tweeting. Love doing this. Love my job .’

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That isn't the only good deed James has been responsible for lately. The kind hearted chef recently opened up about how he saved an old man from getting mugged in central London.

Spilling the beans on the heroic act, he said, "My size did actually have an advantage recently.

"I was standing in a queue at a cashpoint in Oxford Street when, all of a sudden, someone pushed an elderly man out of the way and went to grab his money from the machine.

"I managed to grab the culprit and the police were called. People say, ‘You can’t do that because of who you are.’ Well b*****ks to that," the telly star told Prima magazine.

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