The John Lewis 2020 Christmas advert is finally here but people are seriously divided

John Lewis Christmas advert 2020

It's finally here!

The John Lewis 2020 Christmas advert has made it to our screens after weeks of anticipation.

The big British retailer has developed a reputation over the past decade for creating the most festive and tear-jerking Christmas adverts out there and the nation eagerly awaits the release of the John Lewis Christmas ad every November.

The wait is over for 2020 and this year John Lewis has some very fierce competition, with Aldi, McDonald's and Disney having already launched their seriously emotional Christmas ads.

But John Lewis has certainly divided opinion, leaving some fans in floods of happy tears and others totally disappointed with its new Christmas storyline centred around World Kindness Day, which is today (Friday 13th November).

While John Lewis usually sets its ads to touching covers of hit songs, a new original track was commissioned for the first time this year.

A Little Love was written and recorded by soul singer Celeste and plays as the conveys the message of spreading love, happiness and kindness.

John Lewis has also partnered with two charities - FareShare and Home-Start - for its 2020 Christmas campaign and promises to match donations of up to £2million made by shoppers and has an additional £1million set aside to put towards causes in need.

Naturally, the touching release has struck an emotional chord among the British public, with many taking to social media to share their feelings.

However, others were completely disappointed by 2020's answer to what is supposed to be the best advert of the year!

One wrote, 'Love this! Lovely concept and I like the way it’s been produced. You know you’ve got it right when it brings a little tear to the eye!'

'This is so cute. Well done guys, I was wondering what we’d get this year, you nailed it... all we need to do is this! I’ve shared it with everyone... #GiveALittleLove,' added another. 

'Okay the John Lewis Christmas Advert brought a little tears to my eyes,' agreed a third. 

'The John Lewis Christmas advert is so cute,' continued another Tweeter.

Others were very clear about underwhelming they found it.

'Actually really disappointed with the John Lewis advert this year,' admitted one. 

'The John Lewis Christmas advert being rubbish this year just sums up 2020,' added a second. 

'I can’t be the only one that finds the new John Lewis Christmas advert rubbish? It looks like something I’d filmed in media studies at college.. so disappointing,' a third continued. 

'The John Lewis advert being crap really is the cherry on the cake for this year,' chipped in one more let-down fan.

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