Best Christmas adverts 2020 including Disney, John Lewis, Aldi and more

Children watching the best Christmas adverts 2020

In the lead up to Christmas, many of us look forward to annual Christmas adverts to see what heartwarming, tearjerking stories they'll create.

Christmas is the season to be sentimental and we've round up the best Christmas adverts of 2020 from the heartwarming to the hilarious.

It's just not Christmas without delightful festive adverts on TV and alongside advent calendars, the arrival of Christmas ads normally signals that the countdown to Christmas has begun.

From the much-anticipated John Lewis Christmas advert to Aldi's next instalment of Kevin the Carrot's adventures, there's plenty of new Christmas adverts for 2020 to look forward to this year.

Each advert is different, but they all reflect the Christmas spirit and we're sure you'll find one that will warm your heart this festive season. There's family favourites, emotional stories, and cosy delights to brighten up our TV screens over the winter period.

Best Christmas adverts 2020

We've selected what we think are the best Christmas adverts of 2020 below. Whether they are the funniest or the ones that tug on our heart strings the most, these ads have got everyone talking for all the right reasons. Which one is your favourite?

SuperValu Christmas advert 2020

Irish supermarket SuperValu has had everyone in tears this festive season, with their heartwarming Christmas advert. In the advert, a young boy named Connor is decorating the tree as we hear a broadcast informing listeners that Covid is still impacting the country. Throughout, he asks his parents if 'he' will be coming for Christmas, with viewers assuming he's waiting for Santa Claus.

Connor even helps his mum with her shopping bags, declaring that the Christmas treats she's bought are 'his favourites'. But just watch, because there's an adorable twist to this advert that's left some viewers 'crying into their coffee' and 'hitting them right in the feels'. You might need tissues for this one!

Sports Direct Christmas advert 2020

This year, Sports Direct launched their first ever Christmas advert to celebrate sport and fitness. It follows a female protagonist whose mum asks her what she wants for Christmas, but she tells her friends she's 'just not feeling it'. The advert then showcases an array of sports, before she tells her mum that she 'has an idea' what she'd like after all.

Beckie Stanion, Chief Marketing Officer said, “Let’s face it, 2020 has been tough for most. We wanted to use our Christmas campaign to reignite people’s positivity, passion and confidence through the powers of sport and fitness. Regardless of where you’re from or how skilled you are, we want to champion the legend in everyone."

The retailer's first advert seems to have gone down well on social media, with fans describing it as 'the best christmas advert this year' and 'legendary'.

Sainsbury's Christmas advert 2020

Gravy is an important part of Christmas dinner for many of us, and Sainsbury's has chosen to focus on that with their fun 'Gravy Song' advert. It's the first of their three Christmas adverts, and follows a conversation between a dad and his daughter as they discuss coming home for Christmas, mum's roasties and of course, Dad's gravy. Complete with musical number!

Emma Bisley, head of broadcast marketing at Sainsbury’s, “We know that this year has been different for everyone, so we wanted to take a different approach with our Christmas campaign by simply reminding people that Christmas dishes are gestures of love and care, served by up by those who matter most."

One fan on Twitter wrote, 'Got a little teary at the Gravy Song @sainsburys advert, just beautiful'

Lidl Christmas advert 2020

Budget supermarket Lidl have opted for a tongue in cheek approach to their Christmas advert. In it, they tell us that we “don’t need cutesy characters when carrots taste this good” before a carrot is  poked with a fork. No prizes for guessing who they're taking a dig at! This year, they're well and truly parodying some of the traditional and unrealistic adverts we sometimes see.

Ryan McDonnell, Commercial Director at Lidl GB, said, “We all need a little light relief this year, so we wanted our Christmas ad to show customers that our commitment to high quality at Lidl prices means everyone can believe in a great Christmas – and we had a bit of fun doing it too!”

One fan raved about the advert, adding, 'The dig towards Aldi in the Lidl Christmas advert is so petty and I love it'

Tesco Christmas advert 2020

This year, Tesco has taken a humorous approach to their Christmas advert. With the naughty and nice list being a key trope over the festive period, the supermarket giant is spreading the message that in 2020, the naughty list doesn't count. To illustrate this, the advert encourages us to really treat ourselves this year with a montage of characters preparing for the big day, whilst reflecting on the 'naughty' things they've done this year.

Alessandra Bellini, Chief Customer Officer at Tesco, says, “We know that the festive ads mark the start of the season for a lot of people – 27% of the nation in fact - and that this year, customers were looking for something fun and uplifting, that would help spread a little joy.”

One fan praised the comedic angle, writing, 'it is refreshing that they have gone with a light hearted, comedic feel rather than an emotional offering as other companies have done.'

John Lewis Christmas advert 2020

The hugely anticipated John Lewis Christmas advert arrived on Friday 13th November, to coincide with World Kindness Day. The theme of the advert is all about random acts of kindness, and depicts a variety of scenarios where humans and animals alike are supporting one another.

Interestingly, it has no mention of coronavirus as some viewers speculated, and the retailer revealed that shoppers wouldn't want to be reminded of that after such a challenging year. This advert supports two important charities; Home-Start and FareShare.

McDonald's Christmas advert 2020

Fast food giant McDonald's went for an 'inner child' theme to their Christmas advert this year. In it, we see a mum desperately trying to engage with her son, who seems more interested in his phone or video games. However, there's an inner child in there who really wants to join in the festive fun.

The advert features music from UK artist Becky Hill, with her hit Forever Young providing the sentimental soundtrack to the ad. It serves as a reminder to embrace our inner child and celebrate the magic of Christmas.

TK Maxx Christmas advert 2020

This fun Christmas ad from TK Maxx features a very fancy goat, called L'il Goat, and is narrated by British actor Bill Nighy. It's revealed that the farmer bought one of his goats a designer outfit for Christmas, and when his wife asks about it he responds with, "Yes, she's had such a hard year. She bloomin' well deserves it if you ask me." Well we can't argue with that!

Marketing director Deborah Dolce said, "We wanted to recognise the difficult year that we've all had and at the same time offer a bit of joyful optimism. This charming ad is a playful reminder that the gift of giving is really special and can bring such sweet pleasure to all."

Coca Cola Christmas advert 2020

Despite having to sadly cancel their iconic Christmas truck tour, Coca Cola has still welcomed in the Christmas spirit with a sentimental advert. Directed by Oscar-winning filmmaker Taika Waititi, known for his work on JoJo Rabbit, the festive ad centres around a dad preparing to leave home for work.

He's stopped by his daughter, who gives him a letter to deliver to Father Christmas. After forgetting to post it, the dad embarks on a journey to the North Pole to ensure the letter gets there on time. At the end of the ad, it's revealed the daughter had one simple wish, 'Dear Santa, please bring daddy home for Christmas'. Pass the tissues!

Disney Christmas advert 2020

This year, Disney chose to go down the emotional route for their Christmas advert with an offering that you'll definitely need the tissues for! The three minute advert features Disney's very own Mickey Mouse, and focuses on the relationship between a Filipino grandmother and her granddaughter over the years.

UK musician Griff collaborated with Disney on the advert, with their song Love is a Compass. It's currently available for download, and proceeds from each sale will be donated to Make-A-Wish Foundation. So not only is it a heartwarming tale, it's also helping a great cause over the Christmas period and beyond.

Aldi Christmas advert 2020

There's lots of great festive offerings at Aldi every year. From their affordable Christmas hampers to their great selection of festive food. But each year, the nation waits to see what will happen in their annual Christmas advert. Kevin the Carrot fans will be delighted to know he's back again this year, and he's got another new friend for the festive season.

In Aldi's 2020 Christmas advert, Kevin teams up with a hibernating hedgehog to help him get home to his family in time for Christmas celebrations. It's already delighted fans on social media, with one fan describing it as the 'best Christmas advert I’ve seen'. We'll let you be the judge of that!

Morrisons Christmas advert 2020

Another supermarket Christmas ad is Morrisons heartwarming offering. Despite running at only 30 seconds, it's already had an impact on viewers who love the soundtrack by singer Dua Lip and the way it depicts families celebrating Christmas Day in their own ways. The advert sees Morrisons workers, families, medical professionals, as well as plenty of traditional Christmas food and good times.

Amazon Christmas advert 2020

This year, Amazon took a bittersweet approach to their festive advert. Many people will be relying on online retailers like Amazon to deliver their Christmas gifts, and the online retailer's advert tells the story of a dancer whose Christmas show was cancelled as a result of the ongoing pandemic.

However, her sister and local community work together to create a stage for her to perform for her neighbours. This advert aims to reflect the tenacity of the world has they work to overcome and adapt, and it's sure to warm hearts this festive season. It features an arrangement of The Show Must Go On by Queen, and was directed by Melina Matsoukas, who's worked on music videos for Beyoncé and Rihanna.

Argos Christmas advert 2020

Argos was one of the first retailers to release their Christmas advert, and they chose to depict two sisters putting on a Christmas show for their family. They've incorporated their famous Argos catalogue in the ad, as it sees sisters Lucy and Daisy circling a magic set in Argos'  Book of Dreams. This advert also includes Take That star Gary Barlow's new single, Incredible, meaning Argos has joined other retailers in using a much-loved musician.

Asda Christmas advert 2020

A real-life family star in Asda's new Christmas advert for 2020, with the clip focusing on how they're getting ready for the big day amid the coronavirus pandemic. Perceptive viewers have noticed that this is the same family who starred in the supermarket's 'Bottom Tap' advert earlier this year.

While acknowledging the pandemic, Asda have done their best to put a positive spin on it, by saying, "I guess Christmas is going to be different this year, so let's really make the most of it."

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