Heart-wrenching alternative John Lewis Christmas advert has gripped the nation just as much as the real thing

alternative John Lewis Christmas advert
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Across the UK, we are still waiting eagerly for John Lewis to release their Christmas 2020 advert.

This year’s offering promises to be even more of a tear-jerker than usual. But as anticipation builds, another Christmas video might just have the edge. 

Singer Sam Clegg has recorded an alternative John Lewis Christmas advert. Telling the heart-wrenching tale of an elderly man’s bond with his adorable dog, this emotional video has left viewers in tears. 

What is the alternative John Lewis Christmas advert about?

This five minute charity music video tells the tale of a lonely elderly man and his beloved companion Bruno, the Staffordshire Bull Terrier. The two are inseparable, going everywhere together. Be it a cuddle on the sofa or a trip to the pub, the man knows he will always have his loveable dog by his side.


This may already sound like enough to tug at your heartstrings, but Clegg hasn’t finished with viewers yet. From this emotional beginning, the story then takes a tragic turn. Unexpected and tear-jerking, it is this sudden twist that has had viewers in floods since the advert was released.

How have viewers responded? 

Taking to Twitter in their droves, viewers can hardly believe the advert’s ending. 

One user Tweeted, ‘Just watched the alternative John Lewis Christmas advert, cried my eyes out’.

Another posted, ‘Have the tissues ready if you watch this’.

The sentiment was shared by another user who Tweeted, ‘That alternative John Lewis advert with the staffie has got me in bits’.

Some even believed that this was in fact John Lewis’ 2020 Christmas advert, with one user Tweeting, 'I'm absolutely broken after watching this. Cheers, John Lewis.'

Why has the ‘alternative’ advert been released?

The short video is accompanied by singer-songwriter Sam Clegg’s moving charity single, Don’t Let Me Go. Clegg released the single earlier this month to raise money for charities supporting elderly people this festive season

It is available to buy online through Apple Music and Amazon.

The music video has already received over 1000 comments and over 2 million YouTube views since it was released.

Whilst some might find the tragedy of the ending a little too jerking, Sam took to YouTube to explain his reasoning. 

Explaining the video’s message, he reportedly wrote, 'This story is one of loss and sorrow which some viewers may find distressing, but with this video/campaign we hope to turn a negative into a positive by donating all of the proceeds made from the song to multiple charities that support the elderly in the UK.' 

Speaking of the donations he would be making, Sam clarified, ‘'With each £0.79p purchase it will help give support and companionship to the elderly who need it most in 2020.’ He then added, ‘100 per cent of the money will be donated to charity.'

So if you want to lend a helping hand, it’s well worth giving this alternative John Lewis Christmas advert a watch. 

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