Kate Garraway's husband Derek Draper 'could die within THREE DAYS' without ongoing medical aid

Kate Garraway and Derek Draper
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Kate Garraway's husband Derek Draper could die within THREE DAYS if he doesn't receive the ongoing medical care he needs.

The Good Morning Britain presenter has been documenting her husbands' slow recovery after Derek Draper became so ill with Covid-19 back in March 2020.

But fast forward almost two years since he first fell ill and Derek, who is being cared for around-the-clock at their family home, may never be able to walk again because the tendons and muscles in his legs have seized up from having been in an induced coma for so long.

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Kate will lift the lid on the amount of care given to Derek in tonight's Caring For Derek documentary which is a follow up to her National Television Award-winning Finding Derek documentary and viewers will see the footage recorded from the first time he comes home.

The Sun reports, "While he still requires 24 hour expert care - he would die within three days should he be left unaided - Kate continues to do a super-human amount of it herself."

And this includes waking every two hours in the night to help the overnight carer to move him in bed, and she has to wash and change his bed linen a staggering seven times a day.

Kate Garraway and Derek Draper

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Kate Garraway's husband Derek sleeps between 16-20 hours a day - while Kate is surviving on barely a quarter of this and she has revealed she secretly flew Derek to North America for a ground-breaking medical trial in November.

The trip came about after a world renowned U.S doctor contacted her after seeing Derek’s plight on TV.

Kate, who is mum to daughter Darcey, 16, and son Billy, 14, accompanied the critically ill psychologist on a gruelling 16 hour journey where he underwent pioneering treatment at a specialist clinic in Monterrey, Mexico.

Speaking to Lorraine Kelly on the Lorraine show, Kate explained, "There are lots of different treatments out there and this one, I'd researched confidently enough that I knew it wasn't going to do any harm which is always my first criteria, there was no risk of anything negative and the potential is extraordinary - whether it can help Derek return to the same person he was before we can't possibly know."

Kate Garraway's husband Derek is due to return to the centre next month for another 28 day stay as doctors continue to monitor his brain, liver and lung function.

Kate continued, "We're on a journey to find out and there will be other people who are less damaged who I think it would have massive impact for if the hypothesis is true but I have to be careful about that because the people who are treating Derek are very strict about not giving false hope and I don't want to.

"But I think we're all on a journey to find out what can help," she added.

Kate Garraway on Lorraine

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In the documentary Kate admits to feeling desperately lonely in the wake of Derek’s illness.

She tells viewers, “For me, it’s like there’s both grief and hope in the same moment.

“There are flashes of the old Derek and then he disappears again, and you’re left just feeling really lonely.

“Derek dreams about the ‘before’, and every morning it’s just so, so awful seeing him wake up, and the realisation of where he is.

“There’s a kind of heartbreak in his eyes, every single morning. You can just see it.

“It reminds me of when you'd have a horrible breakup and wake up in the morning, feeling all right - and then that sort of soccer punch of remembering.”

Kate Garraway's new documentary Caring for Derek airs tonight at 9pm on ITV.

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