When does season 4 of Killing Eve start - and where is the series filmed?

Eve and Villanelle stand opposite each other across a fish tank in season 4 of Killing Eve
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When does season 4 of Killing Eve start? It’s the question fans are asking as Sandra Oh and Jodie Comer are set to reunite for the final season of the BBC drama Killing Eve this month, after almost two years away.

Back in March 2020, just as the pandemic was starting to come into view, season 3 of Killing Eve aired. Created by Phoebe Waller-Bridge and written by Suzanne Heathcote, the episodes were full of twists and turns. The final episode was the killer though - so to speak. While in the last two seasons, either MI5 agent Eve (Sandra Oh) or the assassin Villanelle (Help's Jodie Comer) were left with death-defying injuries caused by the other, the last episode of season 3 showed a much deeper connection between the two.

So as just one of the incredible series coming to our screens this month, alongside Adam Kay's This is Going to Hurt and Peaky Blinders season 6, what's the deal with Killing Eve? Already confirmed to be the last, this is what you need to know about Killing Eve season 4 - including when it starts and where it's filmed.

When does season 4 of Killing Eve start?

Season 4 of Killing Eve will be available to watch in the UK from February 28 2022. The first episode will air on this date before the following 7 episodes air one by one every Monday for 7 weeks.

For those in the US, the show will be available to watch just one day earlier. This is in stark contrast to previous years where UK viewers have had to wait for weeks after the premiere across the pong for their fill of the latest Eve and Villenelle drama. Luckily, the gap between the UK and US premiere is significantly shorter this time around.

Sandra Oh as Eve in Killing Eve season 4

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(Image credit: BBC America/Anika Molnar)

Both producers and stars have confirmed that this is the last series of the show, however. In an interview with Harper's Bazaar last year, Jodie said that she was trying not to think about the end of the show too much. "It's sad, you know? I've been with this character for a really, really long time. I would rather we ended on a good note and kept our integrity, instead of going on and on and being kicked out the door."

Where can I watch Killing Eve?

Whether you’re looking to watch the series from the beginning or just catch the latest season, all episodes of Killing Eve are available on BBC iPlayer. All episodes of series 1, 2 and 3 are live on the streaming service now with series 4 set to arrive episode-by-episode. 

Where is Killing Eve filmed?

The latest series of Killing Eve has been filmed in various spots around England, including London and Margate, Kent. Locations in the capital include Tower Bridge, where season 3 concluded and an area in Paddington, Westminster. Residents in both areas spotted crew and cast set-ups in the areas over the summer last year, posting their findings on social media. 

“They’ve been filming Killing Eve on the square all day. Even spotted Sandra Oh,” wrote one fan, sharing an almost bird’s eye view of Cleveland Square in Paddington, Westminster. 

Another spotted the cast on the streets of Margate, a seaside town in Kent. “Killing Eve returned to Margate today to continue filming for the next instalment of the amazing drama series! Three stars of the show were in town Jodie Comer, Sandra Oh & Kim Bodnia,” they wrote. 

While another pointed out a public notice along the seafront in Margate, suggesting that the BBC show was being filmed in the area. 

Previous seasons of Killing Eve have been shot all around the world, starting with season 1’s kick off in Tuscany, Italy. The season later moved onto exciting cities including Paris, Berlin, Bucharest, Siena, London and Oxford. In the third series, much of the action took place in Viscri and Comandău in Romania before moving onto Barcelona, Spain. 

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