Mrs Hinch shares amazing hack for keeping her indoor plants dust free and smelling fresh

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Mrs Hinch has blessed the world of cleaning enthusiasts with countless easy, affordable cleaning hacks.

And now the cleaning influencer, loved by millions, has divulged yet another genius trick for keeping your home fresh and clean.

This is one for the indoor plant lovers out there who can’t stand the leaves and flowers of their faux interior shrubbery collecting dust.

Taking to her Instagram story, Mrs Hinch (real name Sophie Hinchliffe) told her 3.6 million followers how to keep dust bunnies at bay and keep your fake plants smelling as great as fresh flowers.

Whipping out a packet of scented tumble dryer sheets, Sophie explained she simply gives her plants a wipe over to pick up any grubbiness and provide a gloriously clean smelling aroma.

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The online icon, who is mum to one-year-old son Ronnie, has also raved about the power of using tumble dryer sheets to banish dust from blinds in the past.

“The reason I use tumble dryer sheets is because they’re anti-static so they pick up all the dust,” she once said of her love of dusting with the laundry product.

“You don’t need to wet them or do anything.”

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This comes after the Essex based Instagram star opened up about the scars on her arms, caused as a result of her gastric band surgery.

Sophie underwent the procedure when she was just 21-years-old in order to shed eight stone.

After dropping a considerable amount of weight, Sophie was left with loose skin on her arms and had another procedure to have it removed.

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Telling her fans of her insecurities surrounding her scarred arms, Mrs Hinch bravely posted an up close image of the marks on her skin.

‘Lots of you already know about this because it’s written in my first book but I had surgery on my arms once so I of course have been left with scarring but this dress makes me feel like my arms are covered,’ she wrote.

‘Maybe this is a strange picture but…THIS IS ME,’ she added, ‘and I think it’s so important for people to remember that everyone has their own story to tell, we are all special in our own way.’

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