Mrs Hinch leaves the internet in shock with very bizarre dinner recipe

Mrs Hinch left the internet rather confused when she shared a sneak peek of her culinary skills on Instagram this week.

The cleaning influencer is known for her spick and span Essex home and amazing cleaning tips but left the internet baffled when she showed off her cooking abilities.

Mrs Hinch, whose real name is Sophie Hinchliffe, shared a recipe for what she dubbed the "quickest pie ever" but while it went down a treat with her one-year-old son Ronnie, many fans were less than impressed.

In the clip, Mrs Hinch instructed her followers to combine two fried eggs, spaghetti hoops or beans, cheese and spinach to make a pot pie.

The former hairdresser, who recently opened up about suffering from health issues, can then be seen emptying a whole pot of spaghetti hoops into an oven dish, followed by cheese and spinach, before repeating the process and topping the creation with mashed potato.

If that wasn't enough, more spaghetti hoops and spinach are added along with two fried eggs.

After a while in the oven, she took the dish out and showed fans the finished product.

And not long after, fans rushed to social media to rant about Hinch's slightly odd recipe.

One outraged fan shared the video on Twitter, writing, 'It’s been over 24 hours and yet my mind is still consumed by the chaotic slop Mrs Hinch had for her lunch yesterday.'

Another added, 'I would expect this to be served in prison," while a third sarcastic Twitter user said: "Her cooking is 2020 in a dish!'

A fourth commented, 'And A decorative layer of .. spinach? A national disgrace.'

This isn't the first time one of Mrs Hinch's recipes has caused uproar, as last month she made Cheesestring cottage pie, when she'd realised she'd run out of cheese.

Sharing a picture of her creation on Instagram, she wrote, 'Made a cottage pie tonight, then realised I had no cheese. So my cheese strings to the rescue.'

One person wrote on Twitter, 'I didn’t think her Cheesestring cottage pie could be beaten as the worst scran in history and yet ....... here we are.'

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