Robbie Williams and Ayda confirm exciting news amid big move to Switzerland

Robbie Williams and Ayda, before their permanent move to Switzerland
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Singer Robbie Williams and Ayda Field Williams are reportedly making their stay in Switzerland permanent. 

The couple originally moved out to a village near Lake Geneva in Switzerland with their four children - Teddy, Charlton, Coco and Beau - at the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic.

It now looks like they're set to stay in the alpine country, as The Sun reports that the former-Take That singer has bought a luxury £24 million villa and enrolled two of his children in private school in Geneva.

A source told the paper that the family are really excited about their new lavish home, as they love the lifestyle in Switzerland.

They said, "Robbie and his family are delighted. They love the pace of life here. They love the open space and the lake nearby."

"The neighbourhood is used to wealthy inhabitants and their privacy is totally respected."

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According to the source, Robbie is also a member of the "very exclusive" Golf Club De Genève and it's another reason the singer was keen to stay in the country.

"You have to know the right people to even get a look-in and that’s before even paying the massive fees." They said, "Robbie is a first-class golfer and loves it there."

Speaking to BBC Radio 2 last year after the outbreak of Covid-19, when asked if he was staying in LA for the foreseeable future, Robbie replied, "No I'm not. I'm somewhere in Switzerland up a mountain.

"Well, I’m a bit neurotic and I thought where can I place myself where it won’t get me? And I thought, well I’ll just live up the Mont Blanc for six months…

"It’s really warm actually, it’s really lovely."

Despite the family's best efforts, Robbie was reportedly self-isolating in the Caribbean over the New Year as he tested positive for coronavirus.

Robbie Williams and Ayda share several houses around the globe, including ones in Malibu and London, but are set to make Switzerland their final stop.

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