Where does Coleen Nolan live and who is she dating?

Coleen Nolan, Where does Coleen Nolan live and who is she dating?
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Loose Women star Coleen Nolan has confirmed she is dating again after finding love on the modern dating app Tinder. But where does Coleen Nolan live and who is she dating?

The 56-year-old singer-turned-TV presenter is a regular rotating panelist on ITV's Loose Women (opens in new tab). She has often spoken about her personal life on the ITV Daytime (opens in new tab) show and after being single for the past four years following her divorce from Ray Fensome (opens in new tab), the former Nolan Sister has confirmed that she is dating again.

Where does Coleen Nolan live?

Coleen Nolan lives in a country house in Cheshire. The singer-turned TV presenter, split from her ex-husband Ray Fensome back in 2017 after an 11-year marriage.

Since then, Coleen has bought her first property on her own and moved into it during the first UK lockdown, she has been living in Cheshire.

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There is enough room for all her children Shane Jr, 32, Jake, 28, and Ciara, 20, as well as her boyfriend, whom she met on Tinder in summer 2021, should they wish to visit, and she has 15 animals to keep her company.

Speaking of the move to her stunning countryside bolthole with a smallholding, she said, "We had to do it while we were social distancing, so it took three cars and a really small van, it took 12 and a half hours for us to move 20 minutes up the road. With 15 animals."

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Coleen has regularly given viewers a sneak peek inside her home while appearing live on the show from her kitchen in lockdown, with its grey and white colour scheme and traditional country AGA oven.

Coleen's living room has pared-back wooden beams and rustic styling. Fans can catch a glimpse of her living area with exposed bricks and a log-burner style fireplace.

Who is Coleen Nolan dating?

Coleen Nolan is dating Michael Jones, 57, who she met on Tinder seven months ago and the pair hit it off after enjoying a six-hour first date at a local pub.

But it's thanks to fellow Loose Women panelist Brenda Edwards who helped play matchmaker.

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Brenda said, “We were swiping and swiping away and saying 'no, no, no', so we swapped phones and I think it worked quite well.”

Coleen went on to say that Brenda’s matchmaking skills had been a huge success as she thanked her for finding her new boyfriend, “Yes, but she – don’t say his name - she found my new man."

And Coleen has now come clean with his name as the couple has done their first-ever joint interview with OK magazine and has gushed that marriage is 'inevitable' and reveal they have both said the L-word.

Speaking about her new love, Coleen said, ''It's just lovely to know that I'm not dead from the waist down!' Coleen admitted, 'It's better than ever and it's all in working order. It's a fantastic feeling.

"I'll be sitting there in my pyjamas with no make-up on, swollen eyes and a cold sore and he still looks at me like I'm the best thing since sliced bread," the ITV star confessed.

"Normally I'd be thinking, 'I need to put make-up on or he won't fancy me or love me!' And Michael's come along and he just looks at me like I've never been looked at before."

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Speaking on Loose Women about which side of the bed she prefers sleeping on, Coleen confessed, "When I was married and now with my new partner, when I was married I always slept on the left, and then when I've been on my own and since I've moved into my own house I always sleep on the right - so I've switched and I don't move from the right.

She added, "But now when I stay at my new chap's house I sleep on the left again but when he stays at mine I still sleep on the right."

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Coleen revealed in the magazine interview that when Michael told her he loved her a few months in, she "just freaked out".

"I was always having wobbles and telling him I couldn't see him," she said.

The TV star has since told her beau she loves him too.

Coleen and Michael spent Christmas together, along with their children and her ex husband Ray, with the star previously admitting "we are such good friends".