How to get the Spotify festival lineup - here's how to use the Instafest app

Create your dream festival lineup using the Instafest app

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You've probably seen people posting their personalised festival line-ups all over Instagram and Twitter, so here's how to get the Spotify festival line-up.

It's that time of year again when people are wondering when does Spotify Wrapped come out, and while the wait is almost over, there's a new app that's caught the attention of music fans. 

Even better than getting Glastonbury tickets or tickets to see Harry Styles would be a personalised music festival where the line-up is made of all your favourite artists. It's a shame it doesn't exist, but the new Instafest app allows us to pretend. Here's how to get the Spotify festival line-up and everything to know about the Instafest app.

How to get the Spotify festival lineup

To create your own Spotify festival lineup, you need to head to the website. Then, you can sign in with your Spotify or to see your lineup.

Once you've logged in, the website will show you a list of your most listened artists in the style of a festival poster, separated into three different days. You can choose to have your top artists from the last four weeks, last six months or your top artists of all time to be included.

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There's also the option to name your festival, and choose the style of the poster. 'Malibu Sunrise' shows a beach scene, 'LA Twilight' shows a city skyline at night, and 'Mojave Dusk' shows a desert sunset.

The website also gives you a 'basic score', which is a rating from 0-100 based on how niche the music you listen to is. The higher the score the more popular artists you have your lineup, while a low score suggests your music taste is pretty niche.

What is Spotify Instafest?

Instafest is an app created by Anshay Saboo, a student at the University of Southern California. It's a third-party app that uses data from Spotify accounts to automatically generate the fantasy festival posters.

In an interview for TechCruch, Saboo said he got the idea for the app while thinking about what Coachella’s lineup would look like if he picked the artists.

He said: "I had the idea when I was in bed scrolling through TikTok one day. I saw people were posting videos from Coachella and I started thinking about how I would set the Coachella lineup if I could pick the artists. The thought process led to me thinking about generating a music festival graphic using a Spotify integration, and I built off from there."

In another interview with Insider, Saboo said he was "floored by the response" online to his app.

"All my social media feeds have been filled with people posting their festival graphics, and it makes me really happy seeing people have fun sharing and talking about their festivals and music tastes."

Do you need to have Spotify to use Instafest?

You need to have either Spotify or to be able to create a festival lineup with Instafest. If you don't have a Spotify account you can sign up for free, but you'll need to use the platform for a while before Instafest will have enough data to put together your lineup.

However, Saboo recently shared on Twitter that Instafest for Apple Music is on the way, giving music fans another option to create their dream festival lineup. 

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