Is Jodie Foster married and does she have kids?

Is Jodie Foster married and does she have kids? Here’s what we know about the double Oscar winner

odie Foster attends the MOCA Gala 2023 at The Geffen Contemporary at MOCA
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Is Jodie Foster married and does she have kids?

Her latest role as Diana Nyad’s coach, Bonnie Stoll, in Netflix’s latest biopic had fans wondering is NYAD a true story as well as wanting to know details about the famous swimmer herself, asking where is Diana Nyad now?

Reviewers have described Jodie’s performance as a “knockout” in the LGBTQ film, so let’s find out more about the American actress.

Is Jodie Foster married? 

Jodie Foster is married to fine art photographer Alexandra Hedison, and the two had a private ceremony in 2014 after just one year of dating. 

The couple tend to stay out of the public eye, but have made it clear that they support one another’s careers. 

In 2021, both Jodie and Alexandra were photographed together on the red carpet, where the actress was awarded the Honorary Palme d’Or (meaning Golden Palm), which is the highest prize up for grabs at the Cannes Film Festival.

During the pandemic, Alexandra posted a photo of them together in her studio with the caption: “Every day I’m a proud wife but today you get a special shout out in the remote land of IG. I’ll have to show you my phone for you to see this but still...I’m shouting from the rooftops.”

Does Jodie Foster have any children? 

Jodie has two sons – Charles, 24 and Kit, 21 – with her ex-partner Cydney Bernard. 

According to the Daily Mail, the pair met on the film set of Sommersby in 1993, and were together until 2008.

Jodie likes to keep her children out of the limelight and acknowledges that this was a conscious decision. 

Speaking to The Guardian, the mother-of-two said: “I know the perils of having a parent involved in your art form are too great. My older son is getting more interested in acting now, and I’m glad he discovered it late. My younger son is really shy and I can promise you he will never be an actor.”

Jodie Foster as Bonnie Stoll in NYAD.

Jodie Foster as Bonnie Stoll in NYAD

(Image credit: Kimberley French/Netflix)

Why did Jodie Foster stop acting? 

After playing a number of tough roles, Jodie took a five-year hiatus from acting and instead, became involved in projects behind the camera. She directed episodes of hit shows such as Orange is the New Black and Black Mirror until Hotel Artemis caught her attention, where she played the role of the no-nonsense nurse.

In an interview with SheKnows, Jodie said: “I’ve been directing a lot, and I didn’t really want to come back to acting unless it was something that I absolutely loved. I was looking for something that felt more like a transformation. 

“For me, that would be more exciting, to do something that was more of a challenge than what people expect of me and just to have that kind of physical transformation to create a full character.”

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