Is Kaye Adams married and who are her daughters?

Kaye Adams is taking part in Strictly Come Dancing 2022

Is Kaye Adams married
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Loose Women had a very special announcement during their show when Kaye Adams revealed she was taking part in Strictly Come Dancing 2022 alongside Will Mellor and Kym Marsh but fans are wondering who is she married to and who is her daughter?

The journalist turned radio and TV presenter told fans on Twitter, "Yeah it's true, what have I done? I mean this is so not me, I mean outside my comfort zone, doesn't even begin to describe it. But you know what, sometimes you've got to take a leap and I am leaping. 

She added, "Can I also just apologise to my children. I mean no teenager should ever be subject to the sight of their mother thrusting their hips, so girls I will try and keep it to a bare minimum promise!"  

Kaye has since become the first celebrity to be voted out of Strictly Come Dancing.

Is Kaye Adams married?

Kaye Adams is not married but she is in a long-term relationship with her partner Ian Campbell. The pair, who have been together for 26 years, met when he was her tennis coach and he still coaches lessons today.

Kaye, who wasn't against getting married, previously explained why the couple feel no need to tie the knot, "When we first met Ian was in his late 20s working as a tennis coach, spending half his life in Italy and half in Scotland, and he was not a man going to settle down," she told the Mirror in 2016.

"He's an unconventional person and I didn’t have any great thoughts of settling down at that stage either. It was just a relationship that carried on and carried on, very happily, and maybe we just passed the point of getting married.

"If Ian wants to pop the question and I get a decent ring and a good holiday out of it I wouldn't say no!" she added.

Kaye shared a throwback snap of her husband dressed in his tennis coaching kit and she captioned it, "It’s Ian‘s birthday! And I just know he is going to be absolutely thrilled with my decision to post this picture of him a few years back ( for ‘few’, read ‘last century’) .

She explained, "As you might imagine, my dear old mum was rather taken aback when I walked in the door with him but even she came to agree it was the best decision I ever made.

"He is out there whacking balls as I speak. Pray for me that he doesn’t check Instagram."

At the time some fans likened him to Brian May from band Queen.

Who are Kaye Adam's daughter's?

Kaye Adams has two daughters, Charley, 19, and 15-year-old Bonnie, who she shares with long-term partner Ian Campbell. 

She was aged 39 and 43 when she gave birth but early on in her career she admitted she was told some "ugly" words from a consultant over being an old first-time mum.

Speaking to The Sun's Fabulous magazine, Kaye, who's mum passed away in 2018, said, "When I was 27, I worked on a film about fertility and the consultant said that age my age I'd be an 'elderly prim', which means an older first-time mother. This was a decade before I even thought about having children. I've never forgotten those words because they were so ugly."

Kaye admitted she only told her daughter Charley her real age when she turned 12 and explained on Loose Women why, "It’s pathetic but I lopped off 10 years and merrily lied away, including a fake date of birth which I had off pat.

"I’m generally an honest person but I’ve always been a good liar and parents lie all the time to little children.

“At the time I did it without thinking – it’s just a stupid habit you get into and think it’s funny.

"But now when I look back, I think, ‘Oh my God, you were sick’.”

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