Piers Morgan 'grateful' to be alive after catching Covid at Wembley

Piers Morgan
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Piers Morgan was left "fearful" after catching Covid at the Euros 2020 final and believes the vaccine may well have saved his life.

The former Good Morning Britain presenter described the "carnage" he experienced inside Wembley three weeks ago that resulted in him catching the deadly virus.

Despite him insisting to his wife, Celia, that the England vs. Italy match would be Covid-safe, what he experienced was something quite different.

Prior to attending the game, he told his wife, "It's Covid-safe and well regulated. Everyone there has to produce proof of being fully vaccinated like me or having had a negative lateral flow test in the past 48 hours."

But it turns out a fake bodyguard bustled him through and nobody checked his ticket or his Covid status.

"My confidence that this event would be Covid safe had disintegrated – it was turning into an unregulated free-for-all," he wrote in his Daily Mail column.

Two days later Piers developed a fever and his condition soon deteriorated.

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"I'm down at my Sussex village home and began feeling a bit rough during the afternoon. I put it down to the rancid hayfever I've endured since early May, which has rendered me a walking zombie for numerous days when the pollen count has been raging," he reflected.

"But by this evening, my head was burning up and a thermometer confirmed a fever of 38.9C (102F). I also started having random extreme sneezing fits."

A lateral flow test confirmed he was testing positive for Covid, and a PCR test re-iterated the same results.

"By lunchtime, my fever was up to 39.5C (103F), and I was experiencing wild chills, a thick head and more explosive sneezing. I felt as rough as a badger's a***, as they say in rural circles and went to bed."

With his former colleague and friend, Kate Garraway's husband Derek Draper still battling the after-effect of Covid, Piers felt fearful about his diagnosis.

"As I'm sure everyone who gets it feels, it's a strange, disquieting moment to know I have this killer virus inside me," he said.


"I'm 56, carrying a bit of excess timber (though, fortunately, a lot less than when I was on Good Morning Britain thanks to better diet and a new fitness regime) and the memory of what happened to poor Derek Draper, the husband of my former GMB colleague Kate Garraway, remains vivid."

Having been double vaccinated, Piers said the jab could well have saved his life. And it's something he feels is "desperately unfair" on those like Derek, who caught the virus so early on.

Recalling a conversation with Kate, Piers said, "'You know, Kate,' I replied, more seriously, 'I've been thinking about you guys so much in the past week. I've felt pretty awful with Covid but the vaccine may well have saved my life. Derek never had the chance to take one. That just seems so desperately unfair.'"

Kate replied urging everyone who can to have their vaccination.

"'It is,' she agreed, 'but I just hope everyone who can take it, does. I wouldn't wish what we're going through on anyone.'"

Piers Morgan has since returned to screens with his own Uncensored TV show.

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