Kate Garraway faces a new heartbreaking reality over husband Derek Draper's Covid recovery progress

Kate Garraway
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Kate Garraway has announced a new heartbreaking reality she faces over husband Derek Draper's Covid recovery progress.

Kate Garraway has revealed the new heartbreaking reality that she faces amid husband Derek Draper (opens in new tab)'s recovery from Covid.

The Good Morning Britain (opens in new tab) host has shared a harrowing update with fans on what the chances are that Derek is going to make a full recovery after he was struck down with Covid last year (opens in new tab) and spent more than a year battling the illness in hospital.

Kate, 54, shared the news she had been told by doctors regarding Derek's future progress. writing in her book The Power of Hope (opens in new tab), she revealed, "I had already waited so long. 'How long before you know more? Not how long will it take for him to recover, because you don’t know if he can even recover, but how long before you might know more?'

"It was a confusing question, but I knew what I meant and he seemed to as well."

Kate Garraway and Derek Draper

She continued, "After another long pause, he looked straight at me, then away. 'Well, Kate' – the first time he had used my name – 'I think it’s fair to say if he is still like this after two years we will know there is very little chance of him making any meaningful recovery.'

"TWO YEARS!" I screamed inside my head.

"Up until now I had been living by the minute, hours on the phone monitoring infection levels and statistics, trying to get a handle on where Derek was, wondering every time I went to sleep if he would still be alive in the morning."

Derek has since returned home (opens in new tab) but Kate went on to question how she could "go on like this for another two years" or how her husband could be trapped in such a situation for that length of time as well. She then revealed that another doctor spoke of the challenges she would expect to face over the next few years.

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And that whilst Derek had moved from the acute phrase to the chronic phase, doctors said he is still "very sick" and at "serious risk of dying"

The extract continued, "Even if he can live, and begin to recover from the huge damage Covid has wreaked throughout his body, it’s not going to be quick," he had said.

Kate Garraway recently enjoyed a family break in Cornwall with her two children, Darcey, 15, and Billy (opens in new tab), 11, while her husband Derek stayed at home (opens in new tab), but it didn't end the relaxing break she had hoped for as she suffered an unexpected hospital dash (opens in new tab) after her mum broke her ankle.