Robert De Niro has become a father for the 7th time at the age of 79 as he admits 'I just had a baby'

Robert De Niro's eldest child is 51 and his youngest is now a newborn baby.

Robert De Niro - Robert De Niro has become a father for the 7th time
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Robert De Niro has become a father for the seventh time at the age of 79, confirming, "I just had a baby."

The Godfather star is already a dad to Drena, 51, and son Raphael with ex-wife Diahnne Abbott. He has twin sons Julian and Aaron, 27, with ex-girlfriend Toukie Smith plus son Elliot, 25, and daughter Helen Grace, 11, with ex-wife Grace Hightower.

It's not clear who the mother to his newest born child, gender the baby is or when they were born but Robert, who is promoting his new comedy movie About My Father, let slip his happy news when he corrected a reporter. 

The reporter said, "I know you have six kids,” to which he clarified, "Seven, actually," before revealing, "I just had a baby."

Robert De Niro and Son Elliot and split screen with Robert De Niro and son Julian

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Speaking about fatherhood, he admitted, "I mean, there’s no way around it with kids. I don’t like to have to lay down the law and stuff like that. But, [sometimes] you just have no choice."

He continued, "And any parent, I think, would say the same thing. You always want to do the right thing by the children and give them the benefit of the doubt but sometimes you can’t."

Diahnne Abbott and son Raphael, split layout with Tookie Smith and twin sons Aaron and Julian sons of Robert De Niro

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And while it's possible for men to become fathers later on in life, women who give birth over the age of 35 are considered a geriatric mother as women's fertility is affected by the menopause.

The baby news has sparked a mixed reaction from fans.

One fan tweeted, "Imagine being 51 (as Robert De Niro’s eldest child is) and getting a new baby sibling! wild!!”

Another fan put, "Moral of the story, never give up!”

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And a third fan added, "I was 20 when I had my first child. I had more energy then to raise children. Each to their own tho, one size does not fit all. Congratulations to Robert."

While a fourth fan pointed out, "I don't know about you, but when I'm 79, I'll be happy just to remember where I put my car keys. Robert De Niro has just welcomed his seventh child? Impressive!"

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