Kate Middleton and Prince William's wonderful moment with little girl dressed as a princess will melt your heart

Kate Middleton and Prince William met a little princess on their royal visit to Scarborough

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Kate Middleton and Prince William shared a lovely encounter with a little girl dressed as a princess when they paid a visit to Scarborough. 

With Kate Middleton and Prince William arriving in Scarborough in order to pay a visit to The Street, a charity that helps support young people with mental health support, and The Rainbow Centre, an organisation helping families with the cost of living crisis, as energy bill costs and food prices soar. 

During the important royal engagement, the future King and Queen Consort met with and chatted to plenty of local people and had a lovely interaction with one little royal fan who was dressed as a princess herself. 

The little girl named Callie handed Kate and William a bunch of flowers and seriously impressed the pair with her impressive blue princess gown. 

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As Princess Catherine bent down to take the flowers and a card from Princess Callie, Prince William exclaimed, "You've got the coolest, sparkliest dress I've ever seen!"

As Callie handed Kate her bouquet, Kate added, "Are these for me too? Wow! Thank you so much," before Callie leaned in to give the pretty flowers a sniff. 


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Kate also shared a lovely one-to-one moment with another little royal fan when she met with crowds of well-wishers. 

After chatting to a family about the beauty of the Scarborough coastline, Kate bent down to chat to a little one who was snacking on a packet of crisps.

In footage shared on TikTok by royal fan Finlay Briggs, Kate waves and says, "Hi! I'm not going to steal your crisps don't worry!"

"They look delicious though," mum-of-three Catherine, who famously adores children, smiled.

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