Kate Middleton honours the Queen wearing diamond and pearl brooch that belonged to her at coffin procession

Kate Middleton paid tribute to the late Queen in this comforting way.

Kate Middleton
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Kate Middleton has paid tribute to the late Queen by wearing the diamond and peal brooch that belonged to her at the coffin procession.

Kate Middleton paid tribute to the Queen by wearing the late Majesty's diamond and pearl leaf brooch to the procession from Buckingham Palace to Westminster Hall.

The Princess of Wales joined the Royal Family at Westminster Hall (opens in new tab) by car following the arrival of the Queen's coffin which had travelled from Buckingham Palace to Westminster Hall, where Her Majesty currently lies in state (opens in new tab).

King Charles III led the parade on foot, with Prince William and Prince Harry walking side by side behind their father as part of the procession. With Prince Andrew, Princess Anne and Prince Edward also taking part.

And Kate chose to honour the late Queen following her death (opens in new tab) by wearing the unique brooch, which features a trio of pearls in the middle of a pave-set leaf, on the left side of her mourning outfit.

The brooch has only been seen a few times over the years - with the Queen notably wearing it to mark her 73rd birthday as she attended a special concert in Seoul back in April 1999.

The brooch features yellow gold and is thought to be a recent creation.

Kate Middleton

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It's not the first time Kate has been seen wearing the treasured brooch for a sombre occasion - she wore it back in 2017 during a visit to Belgium where she and William travelled to Ypres for a visit to the Commonwealth War Graves Commission's Tyne Cot Cemetery to mark the centenary of Passchendaele.

Kate Middleton

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And its tradition for members of the Royal Family to wear 'white' jewels like diamonds and pearls during periods of mourning which is why Kate has chosen the beautiful piece as a mark of respect.

She also curtsied in front of the Queen's coffin in Westminster Hall following the service.