Kate Middleton settles the score on this controversial debate - but Prince William's response is hilarious

The Prince and Princess of Wales revealed where they stand in the controversial jam v cream scone debate

Kate Middleton and Prince William at the NHS Big Tea Party 2023 - Kate Middleton settles the score of controversial scone debate
(Image credit: NHS Charities Together)

Kate Middleton has settled the score of a controversial scone debate - but Prince William's response was hilarious.

The Prince and Princess of Wales arrived at the NHS's Big Tea Party where they helped lay tables and put the finishing touches on a birthday cake but there was a more controversial sweet debate that they needed to help with...

While it's always good to start with the best scone recipe when coming up with afternoon tea ideas, there's a more important touch to a traditional cream tea and that's whether to put jam or cream first on a scone - and it's something which many of us still argue with family and friends over.

With Devonian's choosing cream first then jam and the neighbouring Cornish doing it the opposite way with jam first and cream on top of their cream teas - there's a royal way.

And Kate has settled the score on which goes first by offering up the way she prefers to do it.

Kate revealed she follows in the footsteps of the late Queen Elizabeth II who always liked to put a blob of jam on her scone before the cream - best known as the Cornish way.

The Princess shared, "I always do jam and then cream," and asked former Great British Bake Off presenter Mel Giedroyc which side she takes.

Mel replied, "I go jam then cream because I think jam is heavier and then the cream sits."

But Prince William offered a humorous response, he said, "I go with whichever is closest to me to start off.”

And also during the visit Prince William settled the score on how to pronounce the word Scone - as in 'gone' or 'cone' and he rhymed it with 'gone' rather than the latter.

And it's no secret that the Wales kids enjoy baking at home, as they've previously helped Kate out in the kitchen baking buns and other sweet treats. Prince George famously helped make a Christmas pudding under the watchful eye of the late Queen and his parents.

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When asked if cream or jam goes first, viewers of Jeremy Vine, couldn't all agree, one said, "Jam then dollops of cream on top."

A second viewer shared, "Jam on one half cream on the other..."

While a third added, "Butter first, then jam and cream on top!"

The Big Tea Party celebrates the 75th anniversary of the NHS.

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