King Charles travels with 'childhood teddy bear' and 'personal toilet seat'

King Charles III is said to carry his beloved bear and 'custom-made toilet seat' with him when he's away from home.

King Charles and Camilla Queen Consort
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King Charles III carries his own childhood teddy bear and 'custom-made toilet seat' with him whenever he travels, according to a royal author.

King Charles travels with his childhood teddy bear and 'custom-made' toilet seat when he leaves the palace, a royal author has claimed.

The monarch, who ascended the throne following the death of his mother, Queen Elizabeth II (opens in new tab), is said to carry his beloved bear every where with him when he travels, according to royal author Christopher Anderson (opens in new tab).

In his new book, The King: The Life of King Charles III (opens in new tab), he claims that even as an adult man, King Charles has a childhood teddy bear that has its own repairer.

According to a valet, who spoke to the author via Page Six, Charles' Nanny Mabel Anderson "was the only human being allowed to take needle and thread to Prince Charles’s teddy bear. He was well into his 40s, and every time that teddy needed to be repaired, you would think it was his own child having major surgery.”

And his furry friend and a “custom-made toilet seat” is something he still carries with him on his travels today whenever he hits the road, the royal author told ET Canada (opens in new tab), "

“He still travels with a childhood teddy bear. He’s had it since he was a very small child… The only person who’s been allowed to mend King Charles’s teddy bear is his childhood nanny, Mabel Anderson, who he remains very close to.”

The news comes after his son Prince Harry revealed "emotional support dogs" help keep him calm. (opens in new tab)

King Charles has often been handed teddy bears during some royal engagements from royal fans.

King Charles III holds a teddy bear from fans

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Charles is no stranger to wanting things done a certain way, and looking after his teddy bear is not the only thing. He previously was reported to have his shoe laces ironed and his tooth paste squeezed (opens in new tab) out during his morning routine.

And he's not the only royal to have a teddy bear, reports claimed Prince Andrew has 'verbally abusive tantrums' over his teddybear collection. (opens in new tab)

And Prince William's favourite toy as a child was a toy koala bear, his mother Princess Diana once revealed.