Prince Louis' £8,000 Disney-themed gift from Prince Harry in honour of Diana

Prince Louis received a thoughtful gift from his uncle in tribute to his late grandmother, Princess Diana

Prince Louis Disney gift Prince Harry
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Prince Louis received a lavish gift from his uncle, Prince Harry, when he was christened to honour the late Princess Diana.

Prince Harry reportedly splashed a whopping £8000 on an original copy of A.A Milne's Winnie the Pooh from 1926 for Prince Louis' christening present.

The Duke of Sussex, who recently released his first memoir, Spare, is thought to have wanted to remember Diana's love of collecting first editions of classic books by starting to do the same for his two nephews and niece.

A friend revealed, "One of Harry's happiest childhood memories was being read a bedtime story by his mother. She loved all the old classics and Harry had the brilliant idea of starting a little library of first editions for Louis, Charlotte and George to enjoy as they get older.

Prince Louis Disney gift Prince Harry

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"He originally wanted to get Lewis Carroll’s Through The Looking Glass, which was on sale for £24,000, but decided Winnie-The-Pooh would be more suitable for a first tome. Robinson Crusoe was William’s favourite book, but Harry loved all things A.A. Milne."

Harry is understood to have bought a 1926 A.A Milne copy, which was one of the original 30,000 printed in the first run.

Speaking of books, Prince Harry also recently revealed how that he removed nearly half of the content from Spare's first draft as he believes the King and Prince William would never have forgiven him for including it. 

The memoir apparently originally had 800 pages, but he cut out 400 of them which included content he didn't 'want to world to know.' 

Harry admitted that it was difficult to decide which recollections to remove from the book, which ultimately included bombshell claims of a physical altercation with his brother, Prince William, and his wish for his father not to marry Camilla, now the Queen Consort.

Prince Louis Disney gift Prince Harry

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Speaking with The Daily Telegraph, Harry said, "The first draft was different. It was 800 pages, and now it’s down to 400 pages. It could have been two books, put it that way. And the hard bit was taking things out.

"There are some things that have happened, especially between me and my brother, and to some extent between me and my father, that I just don’t want the world to know. Because I don’t think they would ever forgive me."

He added, "This is not about trying to collapse the monarchy. This is about trying to save them from themselves. I know that I will get crucified by numerous people [for] saying that."

The revelation has now sparked rumours that Harry could be planning to write a second book. Stay tuned!

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