Prince William loves playing this traditional game with Prince George and Charlotte but makes them ‘very cross’ with his competitive streak

It sounds like family game night can get a little competitive...

Prince William
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Prince William has revealed his family's favourite board game but admitted he makes Prince George and Princess Charlotte ‘very cross’ with his competitive nature when they sit down to play it.

A family night in can be just the remedy to cure a tough week. Whether you all sit down together to try out one of the most popular family meals or you snuggle up on the sofa to watch a new film - which will be even better when you learn how to get Disney+ for free and save up to £80 a year - the family-orientated evening can be just the chill out you need. 

But it sounds like family night for the Wales family is anything but relaxing. That's because Prince William has revealed he tends to leave his children, Prince George and Princess Charlotte, feeling 'very cross' with him as they sit down to play their favourite board game due to his competitive nature and unfair rules.

Prince William, Prince George and Princess Charlotte

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During an appearance on the radio station that serves the Royal Marsden Hospital, of which William is a patron, a young patient called Henry asked the the Prince, who sits first in the royal line of succession, "What is your favourite board game?"

"Henry, we are playing board games with the children quite a lot," William replied. "We love Monopoly, that's good. And Risk, have you played Risk before? That's a good board game, it goes on for hours and usually, everyone gets very cross because they lose. But that's what I like playing."

The response proves that William's competitive streak can't be broken, even when he's playing games with his kids, the youngest being Prince Louis who is only five-years-old! 

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William's love of winning is one shared by his wife, Kate Middleton. The couple joked about their love of winning during a recent appearance on fellow royal Mike Tindall, James Haskell and Alex Payne’s The Good, The Bad, And The Rugby podcast.

During the chat, Haskell asked the royal couple, “Just how competitive are both of you?” Because, Mike, I’m not going to lie, but he has made out [that] both of you are super, super competitive, a bit like Monica and Chandler from Friends.”

“I’m really not that competitive," Kate replied. "I don’t know where this is coming from.” Her sarcastic remark earned her a laugh and subtle wink from her husband. Haskell picked up on the joke and remarked that their table tennis matches must go on for 'hours and hours, and be like, double or quits.'

Kate agreed, “It becomes a mental challenge between the two of us,” and William agreed, adding, “Yeah, it’s who can out mental each other.”

Let's hope they let the kids win a game every now and again at least... 

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