Prince William nailed his role play skills in a game of mistaken identity with a little boy who failed to recognise him

The Prince of Wales was visiting Royal Norfolk show when he was asked a very awkward question

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Prince William nailed his role play skills in a game of mistaken identity with a little boy who failed to recognise him - and instead mistook him for the Government.

The Prince of Wales paid a visit to the Royal Norfolk show and as fans gathered for a glimpse of the future king as the next in line to the throne in royal succession, there was one little boy who failed to notice that Prince William was actually stood in front of him during an hilarious but sweet exchange.

Children often engage in role play through money games, but Prince William demonstrated great role play skills through a game of mistaken identity.

The youngster, who had been stood patiently waiting to meet the royal asked him, "How long until we're going to be able to see Prince William?" not realising that he was actually speaking to the man himself.

William grinned, winked to the boy's mum and copied a technique used by his late grandmother to remain incognito when meeting tourists as she walked round, when he replied, "Do you know where he is? Have you seen him yet?"

The boy replied in a disappointed tone, "No" but Prince William's role play at pretending not to be the prince didn't end there.


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Prince William asked, "Where do you think he is? Did he go that way?" as he pointed across.

To which the little boy answered, "Yeah".

William replied, "Well he might come along in a minute. Do you know what my name is?"

And the boy responded with, "The government." and this was met with a roar of laughter from the grown ups.

"I'm not the Government." Prince William said before acknowledging that he looked like the Government with the suit he was wearing before sweetly saying, "My name's William too."

At this point the penny dropped and the little boy was shocked that he was talking to royalty.

"You're Prince William?!" he asked before being invited by William to shake his hand.

Prince William admitted he gets challenged on it "a fair bit" but added, "it's quite funny."

"It's Prince William mummy" the excited little boy said as Wills walked away.

One fan shared, "Awww what a sweet video by royal watcher A little boy during the Norfolk show not realising he is talking to Prince William end up asking him "when is Prince William coming?"

Another fan noted, "I love that he winked at mom to keep it going. So cute."

And a third fan recalled a time when the late Queen did something similar, "Like two tourist up in Scotland ask have you ever seen the Queen and the Queen said never seen her and her guard said that he has and said she little bossy."

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