Princess Eugenie's 'laid back' parenting style as 'authentically fun' mum

Princess Eugenie and her husband Jack Brooksbank announced last week that they are expecting their second baby this summer

Princess Eugenie's 'laid back' parenting style
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Princess Eugenie's 'laid-back' parenting style is displayed in her nature as an 'authentically fun' mum to son August, an expert has claimed.  

Ever since the news broke that Princess Eugenie is pregnant with her second child, royal fans everywhere have been speculating about what kind of parent the art gallery director is behind-the-scenes. 

The youngest daughter of Prince Andrew and Sarah Ferguson confirmed last week that she and husband Jack Brooksbank are expecting another baby this summer, much to the excitement of her loyal followers. 

The regal couple announced the happy milestone on Instagram with a touching photo of their toddler son, August Philip Hawke Brooksbank, nestling into Eugenie's pregnant belly. 

"We’re so excited to share that there will be a new addition to our family this summer," they captioned the outdoorsy picture, which had been taken by Jack. 

As a non-working royal, Eugenie leads a relatively private life in comparison to her super-famous cousins, Prince William and Prince Harry. It's understood that she spends most of her time working as an associate art director at the Hauser & Wirth gallery in London whilst balancing her role as mum to two-year-old August at Nottingham Cottage. 

The 32-year-old gave birth to Queen Elizabeth II's ninth great-grandchild at the Portland Hospital in London on 9 February 2021 and has kept him out of the spotlight for the most part, preferring to share updates about her activism and charities online instead. When she does post photos of August on Instagram, his face is almost always hidden from view. 

As for what Princess Eugenie is like as a mum behind the scenes, however, it's been speculated that she's pretty relaxed.


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 "I believe Princess Eugenie is a very laid-back mum," Angela Karanja, an Adolescent Psychologist and founder of Raising Remarkable Teenagers told to a

"What I mean by laid-back should not be taken as ‘not bothered’ or ‘not caring or involved’, but it’s the tendency to do what must be done whilst not necessarily stressing over it." 

According to Karanja, Princess Eugenie's easygoing approach to parenting was evidenced almost immediately after the birth of August. The royal mum famously allowed the first official photos of her newborn to be taken by her "wonderful midwife" at the hospital, rather than a professional photographer. 

"As you can imagine most new mothers would not have their pictures taken, let alone by their midwife," Karanja said.  "Being royalty, she could have waited for a proper photoshoot. But no! Eugene is like: ‘Here we are! I’m good to go - yes, I know you are my midwife, but I know you are also a human being with other talents, and I trust those too!'" 

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