Queen Elizabeth was reportedly left ‘very upset’ by King Charles’ harsh and very public criticism of her parenting style

The King has been open about growing up with 'emotionally distant' parents

King Charles and Queen Elizabeth
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A royal author has revealed that Queen Elizabeth II was left ‘very upset’ when her son King Charles III spoke candidly, and negatively, about her's and Prince Phillip's parenting style

It's hard to imagine what life is like growing up as a royal with a prominent position in the royal line of succession. We get some insight into the family's day to day, but who can really know what goes on behind closed doors?

A new royal book is now attempting to lift the curtain and give us all a peek inside and it's revealed some shocking claims made by King Charles III's close childhood friends about the monarch's feelings towards his late mother and father, Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Phillip's approach to parenting

Royal author Ingrid Seward has released her new book, My Mother and I, which delves into the relationship between Queen Elizabeth and King Charles. Most notably, it shares the late monarch's reaction to Charles' 1994 biography, which he authorised to be written, and which claimed his parents were 'emotionally distant' and that his father was even known to  'belittle' and 'bully' his son.

Speaking on A Right Royal Podcast, Seward explained that the Queen was 'very upset' over the book and the public way in which Charles had aired his feelings. 

"When that book came out, I think that the Queen and Prince were on a tour of Russia, which is really an important tour," she said. "And they were very upset. They were very upset about the way Charles described their parenting."

The expert believes the parents were so hurt as they saw little wrong with their distant approach to parenting as both parents had been brought up in the same way and thought that was the norm. 

“It was distant. I mean, even people that were onside with the Queen and Prince Philip said that they never hugged their children in public. And it was very distant, because the Queen was not bought up to be an emotional person," Seward explained.

"I mean, inside I'm sure she was very emotional, but she never showed it. And that's how she was brought up. I think it would have been almost impossible for her to change. I think as she became in her dotage, you could see that she was more emotional, but I think certainly, as a young woman, she tucked it all away.”

King Charles is just one of many children to speak out about what they wish their parents had done differently and he's clearly taken note from the lack of affection he felt as a child as he's taken a much more hands on approach with his grandchildren, Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis, though Prince William and Prince Harry have been vocal about their wish to have seen more love from him as they were growing up. 

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