Princess Charlotte's name is full of hidden tributes to Royal Family - did you notice them all?

From King Charles III to Carole Middleton, everyone gets a mention in Charlotte's name

Princess Charlotte
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There is a surprising amount of family-orientated tributes in Princess Charlotte's name, with her first and middle names paying homage to a number of royals - did you notice all of them?

Choosing a baby name is a difficult task no matter who you are. Consulting the top baby name trends for 2024 and the current most fashionable baby names is always a good way to start on making the decision but sometimes inspiration comes from a little closer to home. 

That was the case when Prince William and Kate Middleton picked out a name for their only daughter, Princess Charlotte, who sits third in the royal line of succession. Kate has previously opened up about the 'big pressure' she felt to choose the perfect name for her children but when she settled on Charlotte there couldn't have been a better choice. 

The princess' full name, Charlotte Elizabeth Diana, may appear simple but it is full of royal symbolism. First, there are the obvious tributes to Charlotte's great-grandmother Queen Elizabeth and her paternal grandmother, the late Princess Diana who passed away in 1997

But if you look closer, there are so many more family connections hidden within those three simple names. For starters, Charlotte is thought to be a feminine version of Charles to honour King Charles III, Charlotte's grandfather. The middle name Elizabeth, as well as honouring the Queen, is also thought to honour the late Queen Mother who was another Queen Elizabeth, and also the number of other royal women who also share Elizabeth as their middle name, including Princess Anne, Princess Beatrice and Lady Louise Windsor.

But it's not just royals who are honoured in the name. Kate also shares the same middle name as her daughter, Elizabeth, as does Kate's mum Carole, who reportedly set her daughter up with William when they were at university. Not only this, but the name also pays homage to Kate's grandmother, Elizabeth Harrison, who died when she was only nine-years-old. 

Charlotte also shares her middle name with her cousin, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's daughter, Princess Lilibet Diana, who, like Charlotte, was named to honour the late Princess Diana

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