The strict rule preventing Kate Middleton and Prince William turning Adelaide Cottage into their dream family home

Even the royals can't get around these rules and regulations

rule Kate Middleton Prince William Adelaide Cottage
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Prince William and Kate Middleton moved into Adelaide Cottage just under a year ago with their children Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis but there are some strict rules and regulations preventing them from renovating the property to make it their dream family home. 

As families across the UK plan and prepare in anticipation for their summer holidays following the big break up from school, the Waleses are likely winding down and looking forward to some much needed rest and relaxation. 

While Kate Middleton and Prince William often take their children Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis off to various summer hotspots including their favourite UK holiday destination that's just an hour off the UK mainland, this year is likely going to be different because it will be the family's first summer in their new home, Adelaide Cottage.

The family-of-five moved into the home on the Windsor estate just under a year ago, leaving the big city behind in search of a more carefree life with more privacy for their youngsters. And the whole plan appears to have been a great success. 

After settling into the four-bedroom Adelaide Cottage, George, Charlotte and Louis set off for their new school and appear to be thriving in lessons, and the family is now closer to Kate's parents who live just down the road in Berkshire. 

rule Kate Middleton Prince William Adelaide Cottage

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However, there is at least one downside to their new home and that is because the building is grade II listed. 

Historic England, the body who gives buildings their listed status, explained to The Express, "A building is listed when it is of special architectural or historic interest considered to be of national importance and therefore worth protecting."

So what does this listed status mean for Kate and William? With the grade II listed status on Adelaide Cottage come extremely strict planning rules and regulations that even the Royal Family must adhere to. This means that if the couple want to do any alterations to the property, even something as simple as replacing a broken window, they must seek special permission.

rule Kate Middleton Prince William Adelaide Cottage

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But the listing is likely not going to be an issue for their family. While the property is smaller than the family's previous home, with the lack of any extra bedrooms leading to much speculation that Kate and William are done having children, it's unlikely that they will want to make changes - the building is stunning as it already is. 

As reported by The Express, Adelaide Cottage has some incredible features littered throughout it's design including a stunning marble Graeco-Egyptian fireplace. Similarly impressive, the master bedroom is reported to have a coved ceiling that features gilded dolphins and special rope decoration made from materials taken from the Royal Yacht Royal George.

As well as its aesthetic features, the home also has some more practical ones for the famous family. Nestled in the middle of the 655-acre Windsor estate with seven gated entrances and exits, the home offers some much needed privacy away from prying eyes, something Kate and William ensure especially when the kids are on their holidays, so George, Charlotte and Louis can play outside without fear of being spotted. 

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